Is this for real? Apparently so, as a woman holding her camera wisely did not run and did not seek to confront an elderly man as he turned aggressive towards her upon seeing that she was wearing a shirt that read Puerto Rico on the front displayed the red, white, and blue of America. His ranting was allowed to continue even as the woman pleaded for a police officer nearby to come and assist her. The officer did nothing, even turning away as the man was allowed to continue his rant, pushing up towards the woman continually as his hateful diatribe continued.

Perhaps someone should inform this man of the facts when it comes to relations between Puerto Rico and America. If he was any smarter he might know that:

Puerto Rico has been under US control since 1898.

The US took control of the island well over a century ago and has left it as an unincorporated territory, meaning that it IS a part of the US but is NOT a part of the mainland. In other words, Puerto Rico is a part of our country but is not considered a state. Perhaps if the man would read something other than the label on a whiskey bottle (yes I went there) then he could understand how foolish his words are.

His actions and words could be considered as a form of assault, but are at the very least harassment.

Walking up on someone like this constitutes an aggressive act as many cultures would see this as an aggressive movement. It’s almost guaranteed that had the old man been talking to another male that he would have likely kept his distance, but since he is speaking to a woman it is even more obvious that he feels emboldened enough to press forward and make her continually uncomfortable.

The police officer should easily be cited for dereliction of duty.

The law might say that police do not have to step in at all times during a dispute, but the case for this particular situation could be made from the video evidence. The woman is openly asking the officer on duty if he can help her….and the man walks the other way, as though he didn’t hear her at all, and as if he can’t tell what’s going on only a short distance away. Unless the officer was deaf, which didn’t seem to be the case, he was studiously trying to ignore the scene. This cannot stand, not in this manner. Cops aren’t expected to be supermen and solve every problem, but if a person is openly asking for their help against a belligerent and potentially violent individual then it seems as though the words “to protect and serve” should be more than a pretty decal that can be applied to the side of their cars.

Only when help came from the woman’s side of the issue did the cop seem to perk up, as though seeking to defend the older man. So tell me, is that fair, and is it what makes America so great?

It’s our country, and it’s the only one we’ve got, but this kind of situation is not acceptable.

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