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Seaside, OR

Current Day

The ocean is timeless. Humanity has known of it for a long time, and has known that it is a vast and dangerous, unknown place. Our species believes that there are worlds yet to be discovered in the depths, a time and place of monsters that we know nothing about. For all that we’ve learned about it, there is so much more that remains untapped, so much more potential that could be used to our benefit. Take time travel instance. It might sound far-fetched and even ridiculous to consider, but the ocean is true vessel of time travel that this world possesses. I could go into a long, drawn out explanation that might confuse you even further and make you roll your eyes while thinking that I’m the biggest kook alive. But it’s true.

I don’t know how I did it, but through skimming my hands along the interior of a cresting wave I found it possible to travel back in time. I know, weird and likely unbelievable right? If it was this easy then anyone could do it wouldn’t you think? Surfers might be traveling back to the past on a regular basis just by doing the thing they love. But this is different, this takes split-second timing and is not quite as simple as it sounds, unless you’ve learned how to do it. I’m not a superhero or a villain, I don’t have any special qualities to me, but I figured this out somehow, very much by accident.

My life has been spent largely at the coast, without rhyme or reason. I’ve always felt calm, peaceful at the coast, in control of myself in a way that has never happened anywhere else. So it was one day I was wading out in the waves that I saw one cresting not too far away from me, curling up in the same way that so many countless waves had done since this world began. I don’t know why, but the compulsion to reach out and touch the interior part of the wave, to glide my hand along it, was so strong that I couldn’t help but make my way into the tube, reveling as it collapsed around me and smothered me within its embrace. And then it happened. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but as my hand glided along the interior of the tube I felt a strange pulse, a thudding against my palm the opened my eyes.

What I saw was amazing, but it was misunderstood in a way that an ant might misunderstand the sight of a shadow right before the shoe that casts it stomps down upon it. This seemed so benevolent though, as if it was welcoming me. A flash of greenish gold appeared beneath my hand as I just barely registered that the wave had not yet fallen entirely. The world had seemingly stopped when the pulse had come along, and seemed to be waiting.

“When in Rome,” I muttered, and then the world around me was taken away, and the harsh reality kicked me in the gut as I fell hard to an unforgiving floor. What happened then was just the beginning

I was in Rome, one day before Emperor Caligula was assassinated.

(to be continued)

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