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Said the Businessman to the Farmer, “You know, without people like me you probably wouldn’t exist in this day and age.”

The Farmer, sitting on his porch and thinking it over said, “You’re probably right. But the thing is, without folks like you my job wouldn’t need to exist.”

The Businessman gave a frown as he looked at the Farmer, “Why’s that? People always need food.”

The Farmer nodded, “Yes they do, but people like me know how to grow the food, how to pick it, and how to treat the land so we can keep growing. If not for needing to feed people like yourself our job would get a lot easier. We’d only have to feed ourselves.”

The Businessman seemed offended, “Are we such a burden then?”

The Farmer shook his head, “Nope, you’re a blessing disguised as a bane.”

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Right then the Businessman turned to look at the Farmer, eyes narrowed as he said, “If not for people like me, places like this would go under. My type of people set the market for your goods, we control what happens here, and we’re the ones that tell you what to do and when.”

The Farmer, unperturbed by this, simply leaned back in his chair, blinking lazily at the Businessman as he said, “Yeah, all that is true. But you forgot one thing.”

“What’s that?” asked the Businessman, contempt lacing his voice within both syllables.

“One day when the end comes, and it most likely will, people like me will still be here.”

To that, the Businessman had nothing to say, and was silent.

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