A lot of us have seen these words and no doubt echo the sentiment when it suits us. There are of course upsides and downsides to this and moments when the rules are better to be observed than blatantly broken. But a lot of times this sentiment seems to be entirely true since life is too short to be burdened by too many rules. Limits are the same way, they’re fun to break on occasion but they are there for a reason and are bound to be taken from a different perspective based on the individual.

A rule is a regulation laid down within a society that prohibits an activity to keep people safe and maintain order of some sort. Rules are basically an agreed-upon method of conduct that exists to serve a society and to keep their interests in line with one another as much as possible. Rules are there to keep people from stepping out of line, from harming one another or themselves, and from causing dissension within a given community.

Rules are not perfect however.

Rules are made to be broken sometimes because they shouldn’t have been made in the first place. There is a large number of examples and picking one is difficult, but the problem with breaking rules is that this must be allowable for everybody, or it is allowable for nobody. Rules aren’t put into place for a select number of people to disregard, though that’s definitely the case in this world.

In order to follow a rule a person doesn’t have to like it, they simply have to abide by it. Yet it’s unfortunate that rules can also become a screen behind which people hide behind. Those that would use rules in this manner aren’t just lazy but are also blatant opportunists that don’t so much care about the rule as they do the ability to escape behind it whenever it becomes convenient.

If the truth is to be told, they are one of the many reasons why people that seek to do the right thing, or the moral thing, will break the rules and never once look back.

Rules are limits that are set by society, and are therefore subject to change if they must.


Ever hear someone say “those are the rules, I didn’t make them” ? Well that might be right, but as free-thinking individuals we have the right to challenge them. So of course we don’t want total anarchy, we don’t want the Old West back and we certainly don’t want anything that might be unsafe for those around us. But what we do want are rules that make sense and don’t limit us to what we can do with our lives.

One thing any person needs to realize about limits is that they only exist if we allow them to. A goal is not the limit to which a person should be pushing themselves towards, it’s a reference marker on the way to something greater. It’s a place to stop for a moment and assess just how far you’ve come and how much further you think you can go. The rules that exist to stymie our efforts and keep us down are little more than limits that are to be overcome.

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