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Beaverton, OR

September 23rd, 2021

“Sir let me see your ID. Do you have ID?”

He groaned, rolling his eyes as he flipped his hands up, his head pounding at that moment as he tried to sort out his thoughts enough for a witty comeback. It didn’t work.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to accompany me to the station,” the officer said, reaching out a hand for him.

“I, I didn’t, do anything, wrong,” he said, fighting back a wave of bile as he grimaced, swallowing something that had the foul taste of acid with a faint tinge of red sauce. What had he eaten last night?

“You’re drunk in public and aren’t cooperating,” the cop said, “That’s enough. I need you to come back to  the car with me and perform a sobriety test. I’m pretty sure of what the result will be but-”

“You’re a lousy cop if that’s how you talk to people,” he blurted out, belching as he swallowed another load of bile, “and if you I move I think I’m going to vomit. Just a heads up.”

The cop snickered, wiping one hand across his face as he looked at him, shaking his head, “Sir you can come with me of your own volition or you can-gaaah!”

He couldn’t hold it in anymore as the bile came flowing out in a spume of red-tinged effluvia, dousing the cop from the knees of his pants all the way to his boots. The smell hit them both immediately as a sickening mixture of sweet and savory rot assaulted their nostrils. Then it was time for the cop to get mad as he stepped a little closer. Jim dry-heaved a few times as the cop came closer, anger written plainly on his face.

“Anything else to say before we go to the car sir?” he asked, swiping at his pants in obvious irritation.

“I’ll probably end up puking in your car,” Jim said, wincing as he spoke. Damn and hell if the truth wasn’t just horrible sometimes.

(to be continued)

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