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I’ve changed history, and you likely would have never known it and won’t believe it since you’ve grown up knowing what you know and nothing else. Think about it, every text you read and every story you hear is influenced by the past. So if someone was to actually go back and change that past, the effect would be that you would simply know that the way you heard it is the way it is.

Of course there is the ripple effect to worry over, but thanks to Mother Nature there are so many checks and balances to be utilized that the world is rarely placed into such a state where it is on the verge of ending should one person survive or someone step on the wrong spot in the prehistoric ages. Nature has a way of balancing itself out and as a rule, and as I’ve seen it, that will happen almost immediately. The change will remain, but what gets written into the texts will change and continue to change with the telling, like always.

Want to know a few things that have happened as a result of my doing? I won’t bother with biblical times since those will be hotly debated until the end of time itself, but there are plenty of other moments that are quite interesting and less than factual. I’ve learned throughout history that it’s the lies we tell ourselves and one another that make up what the people of tomorrow will believe. Our deeds and our words will become misconstrued, our legends will fade and change throughout time, and who we were will fade into a badly written biopic that spawns a laundry list of horrible movies that all seem to miss the point. One thing about the biblical times however, Noah certainly was not the savior he was made out to be, nor were he and his family the only ones that worked on the Ark.

More on that later however, as I’d like to impart just how history has been laid down and how it really went. For some odd reason I’ve been interested in visiting some of the worst that humanity has to offer throughout the years, truly vile beings that have been thought to be nothing but pure evil. And what I’ve found has been surprising.

But first, perhaps you’d like to know how all this is possible.

Are you ready?

(to be continued)

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