There’s a good reason why some of us don’t care to follow the leader and yet won’t step up to the plate. We don’t want to become the people that seem to claim all the credit and then forget that those they’re responsible for are in fact worthy of their praise. We don’t want to be seen as those people that will gladly speak to the masses about how great they are when in reality they’re nothing but figurehead that claims credit for something that they hyped but did not accomplish on their own. Becoming the bad leader is not something that people aspire to, but sadly those that could possibly do the job better have yet to step up because they see the damage that is caused when good people are forced to compromise.

Following a leader is what many people want.

The act of making decisions in our lives wears on a great number of people, especially when it comes to surviving in a group or standing alone. A leader or a ruling body allows us to place our fate in the hands of another and hope that through them we can find a way to make sense of a world that doesn’t seem to care much whether we survive or not. The trouble with a bad leader in this instance however is that those that desire power and influence will continue gather followers and continue to take rather than give back. The major downside is that people that need answers for a life that doesn’t make sense at times will still look to such leaders in order for absolution that rarely ever comes.

Good leaders know when to sacrifice for their people and when to answer their cries of “why” or “how”. Their concerns are of the utmost importance to a good leader, who will know that empty rhetoric is not the answer.

Leaders are the guide in a world that can be increasingly hostile at times.

It’s true, human beings don’t always get along, but enough of us band together in groups in order to protect ourselves from others when it’s needed. Leaders in this instance are those that look beyond borders, boundaries, race, ethnicity, color, and everything else in order to determine whether or not differing peoples can come together for the greater good. A good leader will look beyond the fears of their people and seek to understand those that are different than them. They will also defend their people through everything and seek to find the best solution to any conflict.

A bad leader will unfortunately marginalize others and harbor an Us vs. Them mentality that does no one any good and creates more conflict than it’s worth.

A strong leader doesn’t seek glory, as they understand that the glory is its own reward.

Despite the intrinsic nature of such terms as glory, honor, morality, and other such ethical descriptors there is a strong feeling that comes when one does the right thing. Strong leaders experience this feeling and want more of it, enough that they can share with their people as they lead the masses into the future with a sense of right and wrong that is fluid enough to change given the situation and yet solid enough to help them determine just what acts are truly against humanity and which are ambiguous enough to warrant discussion.

A bad leader will spur their people into the fray and seek to reap the glory and the credit for what their people do as they sit in the rear and watch. Bad leaders are those that talk big and yet could not hope to match the fervor or the skill of their people no matter their claims.

In short, following a leader is something that people choose to do because they believe in the individual they select. But the difficulty comes when those leaders decide that they are more important than the ideals and people that they serve. Then it becomes difficult to follow any leader, as they’ve proven that their own importance is far more pressing than that of those they are supposed to lead.

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