At this point in Trump’s presidency he’s been attacked from left and right and even from his own people a time or two to no avail. He’s still there, and it’s likely that he’ll remain there until someone can find a suitable reason to dislodge him or another candidate comes along. Until that time there will be the continual back and forth discussion/argument over whether he’s one of the worst presidents to ever come along or one of the best.

Each side has their own opinion, but personally, no matter how much good the POTUS might do and how much his supporters revere him, the guy is an arrogant jerk that has almost zero people skills. And unfortunately, this has sparked the worst in his opposition, as they too have become a large part of the problem.

But what are some real pros and cons to his presidency?

Here we go:


  • He’s been in business for most of his life. What this means to those that support him is that he understands business and what it means to pull out of tight spots. As the country is currently trillions of dollars in debt without any idea of how to pay it back, Donald seems to have the inside track on how to fix it.
  • He’s dedicated to fixing the illegal immigration problems this country has been facing for some time, and his idea for building a wall has been a goal that has been talked about since his presidency began.
  • He wants to make America a great place to live again. This has been his campaign slogan since he began and it’s been something that his supporters have gladly taken up as their mantra in many states.


  • In the span of two to three years six of his businesses filed for bankruptcy. Despite being able to pull out of all of them thanks to filing Chapter XI Trump doesn’t seem like the best person in the world to take advice from when attempting to climb out of debt.
  • His wall is not going to be funded by Mexico and his immigration policies, which he claims are a holdover from Obama’s presidency, have people raising their voices in an uproar. He’s also been known to make very erroneous and inflammatory claims concerning immigrants during press conferences that have further divided the American people.
  • Many people have gripes about America and for good reason, but one thing many agree to is that it’s still our home. No matter how bad it gets the droves of people that claim grievances for one reason or another have yet to flee to other countries for that singular reason.

At this point in Trump’s presidency he might have done a few things right but it’s also very apparent that he’s done several things wrong as well, among them being the continued division of the American people by remaining the bullying figure that he’s been throughout much of his life. While he is the POTUS, it might also be wise if he listened to the people rather than talked at them continually. Wise leaders listen to their people for guidance when it’s needed. Despots tell their people what they need.

Unfortunately it seems as though he’s straddling the line most days while shifting his weight to one side over the other.



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