It’s so easy to look at someone that’s successful and wonder why they get paid so much for what they do and how it’s unfair that they’re getting to do something they want to do and get rich. But if you look it from the other side you get a slightly better perspective and realize that in order to make that kind of money a lot of those folks have to work that much harder than everyone else to get where they want to be. Just because they’ve reached the enviable position doesn’t mean they didn’t earn their spot and their pay. That being said however, there is a serious problem when one person can earn more than the average ten working stiffs in a single year by doing what they love to do.

So just who am I talking about?

Let’s start with the obvious one, athletes.

These people, men and women, hone their bodies to a degree that lot of us either don’t or can’t seem to meet and are finely tuned machines that get paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for doing what they love to do and for continually risking their bodies. The justification for their insanely high salaries however can only be seen in a couple of regards. As per their training and depending on their sport, their bodies tend to wear out quicker and thus require a lot more care in terms of surgeries, therapy, and other methods that can cost an arm and a leg even with insurance. Plus, the fans that love to watch them pay their way a lot of the time, as we’ll gladly fork over a hundred dollars for a jersey or twenty to thirty for a hat and of course will groan at ticket prices while we still pay them.

But honestly and truly, athletes are seriously overpaid. Who in the world deserves several million per year for doing something they love to do?

Moving on, let’s go with actors and musicians.

They get paid massive amounts of money while their stunt doubles and body doubles probably pull down less than a fraction of those salaries. Granted, a lot of actors and musicians do prove to be good people by donating to charities and fundraisers that benefit others. Athletes do this as well, but the astronomical salaries, of which they still manage to pocket a huge chunk, are a bit ridiculous at times. Once again, doing something they love to do and making this kind of money seems rather ridiculous. Many of them have worked their way up, just as many people have in this life, but providing entertainment seems slightly less important than putting the money to where it could truly be of some use.

Mentioning churches might rile some people up, but perhaps that’s what’s needed.

It might be very easy to criticize a megachurch of the amount of money they bring in, but there’s a good reason for it. Churches are tax exempt remember? While the rest of us are happily donating in the name of good faith and giving these churches our money, we see none of it come back, and in turn those that run the churches and are in charge of collections tend to get filthy rich and live like kings while their followers keep on giving. Does anyone remember the old days when the church got by on the faith and well-being of the community without having to ask for millions upon millions of dollars for new and exciting attractions that supposedly allow them to glorify the Lord and allow them to spread their message to the masses? Ministers might have to pay income tax, but obviously that’s not hurting their wallets any.

Yes, it’s easy to bemoan those that are doing well and living in palaces for doing something they thoroughly enjoy, but the ease comes from wondering why so many of us work at jobs we enjoy that have a purpose and yet bring only a small fraction of what those jobs are really worth. Is entertainment really worth more than securing our present and future?

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