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You know, that construct we know as time? That thing we set our lives by and tend to think we don’t have enough? It turns out we have plenty of it, and more than we think that can be used in various ways. For instance, the time that we have, or had, that has already passed. It’s not dead time, it’s not in the past, it’s right there if we’re willing to take it. You think I’m crazy don’t you? But do you know about history? That thing we think we know because it’s written down, because it’s told by experts?

We don’t know anything about history, at least nothing that’s one hundred percent true. History is what is written and able to be identified, right? Well then how do we know what history is if no one from those previous eras is still around to tell us? They could have written anything, jotted down anything, and it would have become our history without fail. Even if geological shifts in our world didn’t support the findings, even if God Himself was to say “Hey, that’s not the way it happened”, people would believe what was written. They’d say “We have proof” as they shoved the books and various writings under your nose as an owner would a bad dog that doesn’t know any better.

I’ve obsessed for years on this matter, wondering just how one could let the idea that time isn’t linear drop away. We’re taught from a young age that time follows a straight path, that it picks us up the moment we’re born and deposits in the grave once we’re done. But honestly, it’s just not that way. It’s difficult to explain how, but I found a way to forget the linear inclinations that we’ve been force-fed for so many generations, to move beyond the idea that we’re stuck in this endless stream from our start to finish. Don’t ask me how I did it, I’m still trying to figure one out.

All I know is that the history we’ve been spoon-fed for so long is not how it really happened. Oh yes, historians will tell you that I’m wrong, but look at how they were raised, look at what they were given as they grew into the current roles. The experts, as we call them, are not the masters of their domains, but instead students that never realized what they were being given to work with. They’re like children in a way, they understand the world as it’s presented to them, not bothering to see behind the curtain of reality that has been drawn so easily over their eyes. History is not the set thing that they think, no matter how solid it might seem.

History can change as easily as the present, or the future. Nothing in this world is fixed, and nothing is made to last forever. Histories have changed throughout our race’s existence for millennia, and it’s been changed more times than humans care to think about. There’s a reason for the mysteries and unexplained phenomena that occur every so often. There’s a reason why the human imagination exceeds our capability.

It’s because history is not set, and can be changed much like a child’s sandbox.

Do you want to know more?

(to be continued)

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