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Nothing had changed. The world went back to its paused state, and there was something worse. The symbol was gone, vaporized just like the stone that it had been carved into. There was a gap in the wall now that I could see through to the other side, but I wasn’t interested. I’d somehow messed up my chance to turn the world back to it’s rightful pace and all I could do was sit there, dumbfounded, wondering just what I did wrong.

Maybe it overloaded. Nah, that sounds dumb. I can’t think of any other excuse though except to say that I must have done something wrong. I don’t know how long it’s been since I hit the pause button anymore. I know it’s been a while since the sun still rises and sets. I stopped counting the days as I kept expanding my search to see just how far the effect had gone, but so far it’s everywhere.

Cars are forever speeding on the highway, people are trying to perform actions and tasks that they won’t ever get to finish, and my sister, who I found at her friends house, will be forever giggling over a yearbook that she and her friend were looking at when the pause hit evidently. I haven’t seen my parents since I haven’t made it out to Spirit Mountain yet, but I’ve been thinking about going. The only problem is that I’ll have to learn to drive a stick shift or steal someone’s car and hope I can weave and wend through any traffic between here and there.

It’s a thought that I keep having, but I don’t know if I’ll do anything about it. Now and then I could swear I see motion from the corners of my eyes, but when I look there’s nothing there. I kind of think it’s my imagination getting the best of me, but as of now I’m not so sure.

The only thing I’m sure of anymore is that I paused the world, and now I’ve got to live with it.

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