Take a moment to watch this clip and let it sink in….I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve seen it, there might be those that say ‘heck yes as a parent I want to know’ while the rest of us sit here scratching our head as to why it would ever need to be the responsibility of anyone else to out a transgender teen. This proposed bill would make it necessary for anyone dealing with said teens to inform their parents that they are exhibiting some very transgender qualities and therefore out them to their families as a result. Now how is that fair for anyone?

The teen would likely be mortified even if their family was entirely supported, and if the family was shocked and horrified (yes it does happen more often than we’d like to believe) then there could serious ramifications. The average teen, transgender or not, has a lot going on in their lives during this period in their life and coming out when they’re not ready is just one more stressor that they might not need to deal with.

Parents want to think they know what’s best for their children, but there are times when they have to lay back and let things happen.

Every parent wants to think that they know just what they need to do for their kids and that’s great that they care, but there are moments when it’s not helpful. Teenagers are far more capable than people tend to give them credit for at times and all parents really need to do is be there when the teens need them. Parents knowing what’s best for their kids can be extended to giving them advice when it’s needed or warranted, reminding them of certain things when it’s needed, and possibly just being there when the teen needs to talk to them or needs comfort in some way. But ‘knowing best’ does not always include forcing a teen to be one way or another. It does not include stifling their assumed gender identity when they feel so strongly about it.

This bill is just one of many ridiculous policies trying to be put into place and puts more stress on the teens and those adults that would be required to out them if they noticed anything different in their behavior. So Susie likes to work on engines and take shop classes, does that really make her a transgender? Michael likes design and theater, does that make him transgender? Where is the line drawn, and just how far is it going to be pushed?

This bill is going to be up for further discussion coming this fall. It’s a fervent hope that more people see just how ridiculous it is and decide against it.

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