Beaverton, OR

September 23rd, 2021

Everything was scattered. It had happened so quickly, so quickly…

Now there was nothing, only a broken, littered landscape that remained after a tired and entirely uncomfortable campaign mean to teach him a lesson in humility, in pain, and in suffering the likes of which he’d never known. It was the same suffering he’d caused over the course of a lifetime, and it was the same that had been employed against him.

He’d deserved every bit of it, but it had still bitten down hard, sinking its teeth in, and had shaken him like a dog might shake a favorite toy. Truth had not set him free, it had ripped him apart without mercy.

His belly was warm and his vision was pleasantly blurry from the rotgut gin he’d purchased with the fading funds that he’d had on him since the beginning of the end. It was all he could really take pleasure in at this moment since his hearing was just fine. He knew where he was and he knew why he was here, because quite honestly he’d built the house that had come tumbling down around him. The cacophony of the traffic below, separated from him by the inclined plane of concrete that led up into this enclave beneath the overpass, was a discordant melody that fit the mood he’d been in for the last few weeks.

Everything had fallen apart and it had all been his fault. But he’d tried to make it right, after so many years he’d tried to do what he could to make it right. But of course it had been too late. He’d had too much fun at the expense of others and done too much without ever apologizing to take it back so easily. His life had been built on the misery of others, and at this point karma had found a way to make him begin to pay for all of it. Now all he could do was wait and wonder just how far it would take things.

It was hard to imagine that life could get any worse than this.

“‘Scuse me,” said a voice from off to his left, slightly raised in irritation. “Mind putting the bottle down for me sir?”

(to be continued)

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