Doctors and nurses have a hard job, it has to be said, but as hard their job is one of the hardest things to do seems to be what a lot of them have a very easy time accomplishing, and that’s being nice to their patients. They don’t have to be the buddy, they don’t have to hang out later, but common decency is a very important facet of being in a profession where one has to deal with people on a continual basis.

After suffering from a severe anxiety attack that caused him to pass out during basketball workout Sam Bardwell was made to wait 3 hours before he could see a doctor. That in itself is unfortunately understandable but is still regrettable considering the condition he was brought to the hospital in. However to make it worse when he was finally seen the doctor that attended him, Beth Keegstra, proceeded to make her own judgments regarding his condition.

It’s been stated that Keegstra even brought in a security guard along with her without giving any reason why. Any ideas that she didn’t have any preconceived notions about Sam and his father, who rushed to the hospital to be at his son’s side, are kind of easy to throw out the window after hearing of the guard’s presence. And despite the fact that this was bad enough on its own, Keegstra’s attitude towards Sam following that was less than cordial as she berated him more than once for his condition and let him know quite simply that the reason he’d been waiting for 3 hours was that there were others that were in a worse state than he was.

That could have been the case, but that’s not something you tell a patient no matter how aggravating a day you’ve had, especially as a doctor. Things only went downhill from there as Keegstra continued to belittle Sam, telling him in no uncertain terms how she felt about his condition and even seeming to indicate at one point that he might be there to obtain medication. While there are individuals that would gladly pull this kind of stunt the doctor’s behavior was completely out of line. Even if she’d been having a bad day this kind of ill treatment of a patient is never warranted, particularly when the patient is attempting to explain how they’re feeling and is remaining calm.

To make a long story short, Keegstra’s profanity-laced disbelief of Sam’s condition earned her a suspension from the hospital, meaning that for now she will no longer be allowed to work there since she is a contract doctor and is not a part of the permanent staff. While this might seem tragic as it is denying Keegstra the ability to work it is also a stiff reminder that no matter how hard the day has been and how many patients have been unruly and difficult, a doctor’s job is not to belittle and berate their patients, it is to understand and whatever way they can help each person so that they can recover and get back on their feet.

No, it’s not an easy job, but acting in a negative manner is only going to make it worse.

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