To Our Children,

This world we leave you will not be perfect, it will not be a Utopia, and it will certainly not be free of uncertainty. It will be a cold, unkind place that will gladly beat you to your knees if you allow it, and will confuse and trip you up whenever it can. As your parents we’ve done what we can to make up for the sins of our ancestors while making mistakes of our own along the way. We’ve tried to keep the system running, to make it work for us and those that have come after, as well as those that remain. We’ve done our duty in leaving it for you, that you might find a way to make it better than what we left, but as of now, what we have left is on the verge of crumbling, of fading into an unexplained mess that you will inherit with our blessing and our apology.

This is not what we intended.

Like our elders before us we desired to give to you this world in the kind of pristine order that it had once existed in. We wanted to give you everything, including the chance to enjoy a world that was despoiled by the many iniquities that we’ve been forced to deal with for so long. But that is not our place, nor is it our lot in life. We are here to pass this world along to you, to make sure that it is here when you come into your own, that you might find a way to help undo our many wrongs.

But we are failing you.

We are doing what we can, but this world is growing more divided by the moment. You, our children, are the hope that we rely on to guide the future towards something other than what we have now, a path that has not been taken in too long, and a promise that has yet to be fulfilled by the human race. Unity our children, a deep and abounding respect for your fellow human, a desire to look beyond anything that is not the fundamental truth, that is what we ask. And should anything else cross our lips, know that it is born of fear and nothing more, a deep and unrelenting dread that we might never find the true path that our species was meant to walk.

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Our parents wanted this for us, and yet many of them hid behind the same rhetoric, the same discourse, and the same excuses that had been given to them when they were young. We want the same thing for you, to find the link that draws us together, not embrace those differences that pull us apart. But it will be up to you to figure this out, as we’ve already been damaged by the many differences that we’ve been taught, the many different beliefs that have been given to us as children and been cultivated as adults.

It is no one’s fault but our own, as we embraced this world just as much as anyone. But for you, our children, we want more. We want the peace that many believe is possible. We want the future that offers everything even as it demands much. Our desire is for future generations to realize that they can be better than us, and do not have to suffer for or live by our mistakes.

The future that is coming is yours, be better than the past or present that you’ve learned from.


Your present, and your past.

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