Said the one friend to the other “I will be the rock you can depend on, the port in the storm, and the support you can use when the going gets rough.”

Said the other friend to the first, “Then you should let me go, because I am the stone that will weigh you down, and will seek safety when things get tough.”

Said the Rock to the Stone, “Count on me if you need help, I can stand against the world and keep you safe from harm.”

And the Stone to the Rock, “I will drown you to save myself, I will leave you in the cold to keep myself warm. Leave me friend, that you might save yourself. I am worth no one’s time and am best left to sink.”

The Rock merely stood, resolute and still, the waves crashing in and the rain falling down. It did not answer right away, it stopped to think, but then it replied “I am always here friend, should you ever change your mind.”

But there was no answer from the Stone, for it had left that world behind.


In this world there are Rocks and there are Stones. Rocks stand against the tide, they allow to break upon them as they weather the wind, the storms, and the many things yet to come. They offer shelter to those that need it, and support to those who will accept it. Stones are those that drag others down regardless of how much help is given, that give up and take others with them when they can, and have no regard for the damage they cause.

In this world you can be someone’s Rock, or you can be their Stone. Choose wisely.

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