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Ever have those days when you wake up and it seems that everyone is offended by something no matter what it is? That’s been quite commonplace in this day and age throughout the last couple of decades really. Every morning we wake up, take a deep breath, and if we take too deep a breath or spread our arms out to welcome the morning, someone might get offended. Okay so that’s not quite it but it would seem that everything people do these days offends someone for some reason that can barely be fathomed. It doesn’t matter if it’s something entirely nonsensical that just about no one cares about. It will offend someone, and it will be required that they care enough to change it.

Soooo, yeah, no. It’s easy to say get over it, relax, take a pill, and all those other cute and dismissive things, but then that would offend someone as they might think that you’re telling them what to do and thereby attempting to control them. It’s interesting to think that our world, not just the nation, but our world, has become filled with so many outwardly irritable people that don’t seem to have a filter between their brains and mouths when it comes to voicing their dissatisfaction with something, anything, that displeases them.

Now there are some legitimate gripes to be had out there.


There’s simply too many people that get so easily offended and don’t seem to know how to function once they’ve been irritated in such a manner. Did their parents not teach them how to move on after expressing their frustrations? Do they have some block that prevents them from understanding that people will get offended but it’s possible to simply keep going forward? It’s hard to tell really, but so many people seem to feel the need to become offended by something and then think that this entitles them to simply gripe, complain, and bemoan their situation until someone gives them a measure of satisfaction.

Guess what? The grown-up world doesn’t work that way. Once you’re offended it’s done, it’s out, and you will need to react in some way to get past it. But continuing the issue is not what a grown person is expected to do. Children and even adolescents might need instruction and guidance on how to move on after being offended, but adults are expected to know at a certain point just how to move on after an altercation that leaves them feeling less than respected.

Some gripes might be very legitimate, but even then it is necessary to do your best to resolve the situation and then move on. It might take longer to resolve, but once it’s finished, or once a compromise has been made, then move on. Yes, there are those situations in life where moving on is not always possible, but an effort to do so is still needed for our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.

There are those days when nothing seems to work, aren’t there?

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Some days it seems that half the world wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and is offended by this and everything that comes after. The other half just has to deal with them the best they can. On days like this it’s best to just remember that moving forward, refusing to fight with someone that wants to be offended by the irrational and ridiculous things they rant and rave about, and trying to avoid conflict is usually the best course. It’s kind of pointless to argue with someone that will get offended by just about anything, because no matter what you say, you’ll be wrong.

And if that offends you, they probably won’t care.

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