People in America love to talk about the ‘freedom’ to do this or the ‘freedom’ to do that. We have free speech, we have freedom to be whatever we want or do whatever we want, within reason of course. But so many people go around talking about the freedoms that it stands to reason that some of them don’t fully understand what it means or why it exists. America’s many freedoms come at a high price that has been paid since before the country was recognized as a nation.

The price for freedom is something that many individuals would never gladly pay.

Do you know what freedom costs? It’s called sacrifice, giving up what you can for the greater good of the nation, and thinking about others instead of yourself. Freedom comes from giving of yourself to an idea that is so much bigger than one person and never giving up on that idea until it’s realized. America, spotty as it’s history might be, was raised on a host of ideas that all had to do with the singular focus of being free.

Over the decades and centuries that sense of freedom has been trampled on by those that seemed to have forgotten the founding ideals of freedom, but the idea still rings as true today as it did when it was first developed. Freedom is the birthright of every living individual, no matter their color, race, ethnicity, religion, or any other difference that might be noted. We are born free no matter what anyone says, and the denial of that freedom is an abomination that cannot be allowed to stand.

The price of freedom is the pain, the suffering, the sacrifice, and the blood that has been spilled throughout the nation’s history in an effort to insure that every last person in this nation should be born free and without fetters to worry over as they go about their lives. Freedom is worth fighting for, and worth dying for if need be.

The average person will speak of freedom without ever knowing what it really means.

The idea of freedom is easy enough to understand, but the underlying feeling that comes with it is something so great that many people cannot hope to put it to words. Being free means you follow your own course, you live your own life, and no one in this world can possibly tell you what direction to take. Being denied a job or entry into a school is not a denial of freedom. You have every right to look for other jobs, or apply at other schools. Being denied trivial things is not an infringement to your freedom, but instead is an opportunity to seek out new venues that might open the way for you.

Freedom is being able to choose your own path and find your own way in life, but it comes at a cost, and beyond the cost of those that fight continually for your freedom. To be free you must give up the need to blame others for your losses, for your struggles, and you must take responsibility for your own life. No one has the right to hold you back, and no one will lift you up if you cannot do this for yourself. The cost of your freedom is that you must take it when it comes, and do what you can with it so as to not squander it.

The cost of freedom is living, and insuring that your life makes a difference to those around you in some way.

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