We hear the term ‘fake news’ all the time and hear that the media lies, the government lies, both sides lie, and so on and so forth as the litany continues to change and twist back upon itself as the American people are left to take sides or look back and forth between the sides wondering why we can’t just get along and agree that each side has their own valid points. It’s not bound to happen any time soon for many reasons, but mostly because people can’t seem to avoid lying to one another, and to themselves.

The biggest lie is that we’re a united nation.

America did in fact unite one time, and it wasn’t during 9/11 believe it or not. There were still those that refused to support the initiatives that were taken to strike back at those that wounded the nation, no matter how vehemently people insisted that we needed to take action. The one time that America stood united came over two centuries ago when our ancestors decided that it was time to take the yoke of England from their necks (no offense England) and create their own nation. That was the last and only real time that people stood together for a single ideal.

Even that wasn’t perfect unification, but it was a damn sight more than we’ve seen in our current day. We could claim that the founding fathers of the nation would be rolling in their graves at what they see today, it’s our right, but it’s also a ridiculous statement since they might lead the first charge in assuming another revolution.

Our leadership is based upon lies.

Take one president that’s never told a lie in the modern era, just try. You can’t do it for one reason alone: all leaders find a reason to lie when they reach the White House. They call it a compromise and a necessary evil at times, but it’s still a lie. It’s a falsehood or a perversion of the truth that they give to the American people, but it’s still a lie. Our leaders have been those that we believe will never lie to us, that will tell us the truth and be honest no matter if it hurts or meets with disapproval from the people. We expect that, but we don’t get it.

The notion that some lies are told to protect us meets with the same issue of a lie being told by a parent to protect a child. One day that child will learn the truth and they will be devastated. Our nation needs to hear the same truths, even if it is devastating, even if it makes our faith in the system even less than it is now. The truth is why people are elected, but the reality is that self-interest and the need to lie to the American people to keep one’s position becomes far more important than telling them the truth and risking their ire.

Unfortunately ire is all that some of us have left.

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