There are a lot of different sentiments when it comes to this day as many people would gladly state that they’re patriotic the other 364 days out of the year but especially so on this one. The fourth of July is after all the day that America finally sealed its independence from England and became its own nation. It was a fledgling nation at best and it remains one of the youngest in the world but it’s what we’ve got and it’s our home, right?

There are those in England however who, centuries after the fact, still believe that Independence Day is more or less an historical temper tantrum when the original colonies grew tired of following tradition and giving back more to the crown than was considered its due. Quite simply people had grown tired of the monarchy and wanted to strike out on their own. They were across the pond after all and England’s presence might have still been felt but the crown and all those that kowtowed to the one wearing it were nowhere to be seen.

It was a new land, and despite the dark history upon which the US was born, it was a new start for those that no longer wished to chafe under rulers that were apparently appointed by God and could therefore not be disputed. It was time for a change and a time for something other than a governing body that answered to no one but themselves.

It’s kind of ironic that we now have almost the same system despite how things are set up.

The British don’t really know how to react but plenty of them have their own say about Independence Day.


Before anyone gets too bent out of shape this is not the general consensus, at least not in these words. Some Brits do in fact think Americans are being a bit silly and over the top with our 4th of July celebrations and the fireworks that can bankrupt a family without filling the backseat of their car. Some feel that the celebration is about the most nonsensical thing they’ve ever heard of while others just shrug their shoulders and move on.

After all America’s Independence Day is important to America after all, and most countries won’t do much more than nod or barely acknowledge it in passing. That’s okay, it’s a holiday for our country, a moment when our ancestors decided to say ‘enough’. Those British that seem to hold a mild to angry grudge could be those that aren’t big fans of America to start with, while those that either don’t care or will say “to each their own” might be of the mind that America’s not so bad, we just get carried away now and again.

Just because it’s our holiday doesn’t mean everyone else has to acknowledge it. But hey, to all Americans out there, have safe and happy 4th of July.


    1. I ran through whole lists of reports on what some folks had to say and it balanced out pretty well, some of them acted like it had happened yesterday and others were just kind of like ‘meh’. To each their own I say, we all get along in our own ways.

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