Ocean Park, WA

April 29th, 2020

The arrow flew quick and true and buried itself right where she’d intended to put it. Clinton yelled in pain as he backed away from the garage, nearly colliding with her parents’ white Ford Explorer as he grabbed at his left forearm. The limb had suddenly sprouted a long, quivering shaft, the entry point bleeding freely as Clinton did his best to pull it out without causing too much damage. Thankfully for him Mariah used training tips rather than broad heads when she went to the range, otherwise he would have had to cut the thing out.

Even as he yanked it free she wasn’t even considering giving him that kind of time as she reached down and without looking nocked another arrow. Staying on her knees this time she angled her bow just enough so that it wouldn’t scrape against the ground and ruin her shot. She had a bead on him even as he was pulling the arrow from his flesh, his look of shock turning in to a murderous glare as his gaze found her again.

“You’d better kill me with that one bitch,” he growled, spittle flying from his lips as he spoke. “Otherwise I’m gonna take that bow and-”

“It’s not wise to badmouth a woman that’s got an arrow trained on your testicles,” she said, interrupting him as she kept her line of sight. At any moment he could dash to one side or the other and she would lose the shot, but she wanted him to think that he might not get out of here intact.

“You don’t have it in you,” he said, smirking as he held one hand over the wound in his forearm.

“I just put an arrow in your arm,” she said calmly. Inside she was feeling almost too dizzy to maintain her current position, but she would hold as long as she could. “Considering all the stuff you did to me, putting one in your balls would be justified. Plus, you’re on my parents’ property without their permission, so technically I’m giving you fair warning to clear out before I practice my right to self-defense.”

She wasn’t fully aware of how the law worked on that matter but she wasn’t going to sit here debating it with Clinton right now. He needed to be gone, and if she really needed to then she would put one through his manhood and call it a day.

“You need to leave, now,” her father said as he came from around the corner, “We don’t want you here.”

To his own credit Clinton looked at her and then her father without saying a word, the death glare he gave them both was enough. As he turned to leave though Mariah knew that he’d keep coming back until something was done. It angered her to no end that she’d have to deal with him more than once in a lifetime, but even worse, it angered her that Aiden would have to deal with this crap as well. He was a good man and he didn’t deserve this kind of baggage. But he’d told her more than once at this point that he would gladly take whatever came their way, emphasis on ‘their’, and hadn’t split yet.

Just for the inconvenience she waited until Clinton had turned to walk away, and then loosed another arrow. The meaty sound it made when thunking into his left butt cheek was satisfying, but the shriek of pain he uttered was even better.

Before he could turn around she’d grabbed another arrow and stood to her feet, nocking it in one smooth motion. The smile on her face couldn’t have been any wider.

(to be continued)

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