Ever notice that it takes a real tragedy for humanity to really pull together? And usually it’s only in the movies that it happens, or on TV. When it comes to the annihilation of the species we tend to pull together the most. Any other time we tend to sort ourselves out according to the differences that exist between us. If it comes down to survival then it’s all humans standing together and trying to make a difference so that we don’t go down without a fight. If we have nothing else to fight against then we tend to turn inward on ourselves and start picking away at the differences that still lie between us.

Does it take too much effort to just live with one another?  There are a few ideas that humans harbor that don’t seem to make sense and argue against coexisting with each other on a level that makes the average person scratch their head. Here are just a few of them.

If you believe in God and that He loves everyone, then why in the world would He endorse any hatred of other people?


So many people believe so deeply in their religion at this point and time in the world that it seems odd that they don’t follow the most basic tenets. They will gladly fight in the name of God, they will die in the name of God, but loving their fellow human being in the name of God seems to be a stretch anymore. Granted, some people manage to do it, but it’s not always reciprocated as too many folks manage to get what they want to see out of the holy word of their shared deity and won’t bother to read on.

It comes down to what people want to believe vs. what their religion tells them to believe and the compromise they make somewhere in the middle. That’s the troubling thing about religion that doesn’t seem to work with the ability to coexist, at least in the eyes of many people. Believing in the same idea of God is not enough, as the differences that have been handed down from one culture to another have undergone so many different changes in perception and practice that attempting to unite human beings under one religious banner that allows all religious beliefs seems to be impossible to some and blasphemous to others.

It is possible if you want to believe it, but untold generations of separation have made it seem like an idealist dream that has no chance in hell of working.

If that’s the case then some of us would gladly fight for the species, not the religious ideals they cherish.


Forget the whole idea of better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, it’s a grand joke that many folks that speak it don’t fully understand. But if it takes going down south, in a theological sense, to keep people from killing one another over the most ridiculous of differences, then some of us would gladly pay that price if it would wake humanity up for once. It’s better to walk the hard roads of hell knowing you did what you could for your species rather than go to heaven knowing you could have done so much more.

One way or another we need to coexist if this world is to work, or eventually it will cease to work at all.

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