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Hillsboro, OR


I swear I was hoping that it was gone, that I’d been so out of my mind at that moment. But the pause sign was there, and it was just as plain and just as enticing as before. No one really gave me a second look when I knelt down beside it. The people that lived behind the wall wouldn’t have known I was there. It was just me, and the symbol.

You can probably guess what I did.

After pushing it I went on a little expedition around town, or at least the small part of it that was within walking distance from the location of the symbol. There’s a Walgreens on one corner, a Fred Meyers across the street from that, and a Taco Bell just across the parking lot from the Walgreens. I was in teenage heaven and I was going to find out how real it was. It only took me a matter of minutes to jog the distance, but time felt so irrelevant at that moment that I could have gone running back and forth between the businesses all day and night and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Fred Meyers was my first stop just because they had so much stuff that I’d been wanting to look at, try out, and possibly just, well, you know, take. I didn’t take anything home with me on the definite chance that my parents would notice a few new shiny things in my room and ask questions. But boy did I have some fun. My first impression going inside was one of no less amazement than it had been the first time. People were frozen in place, unable to even twitch an eyelid it would seem since I tried to get them to track me with their eyes, and nothing. Time had a firm hold of them and somehow I’d been left out, free to do what I wanted. So I did.

I must have eaten about four big packs of pepperoni, downed close to a case of soda, and eaten a couple of pints of ice cream by myself before I had to run to the toilet. Strange enough the electricity, the plumbing, and everything else still worked. Even the wind was still able to blow by outside I noticed. The only thing paused were the people. Yeah, I thought it was strange, but that wasn’t the strangest thing.

That came when I started to venture further into town.

(to be continued)

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