This might be contested and it might not but at this point one truth about our government is that it is not united and it is not ‘for the people’ as it’s been claimed in the past. It’s for its own interests, that much has been shown, and it’s for pay increases and no term limits for its own people, that much has been proven. It’s for giving comfortable lives to those that sit and office and do little to nothing for three to four decades as people continue to vote them in based on promises that rarely if ever get kept and policies and bills that are rarely agreed on by the American people.

Did the government forget it’s true purpose is to serve its people?


Or did we the people forget that we have the power to vote them out? Regardless of their charm and their promises that are made when their backs are to the wall in an election year, it is time to do what was promised and drain the fetid swamp of those that do little more than collect a paycheck while a good portion of the country scrapes up enough money just to support their families and themselves.

The government has forgotten what it means to actually work for the people it seems, and as a result sit high on their piles of money and influence without recognizing just what it takes to actually run a country. The lies they tell and the truths they so desperately want to believe are wearing thin enough that we should be able to see what’s behind the curtain. And what we see there should make a lot of us realize just how tenuous the power they think they hold really is.

One thing about our government is that they know how to pull the wool over our eyes. It’s time to refuse the blindfold and see our ‘leaders’ for what they are.

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