This is as much of a hot button issue as anything has been in the last several decades and it’s one that has a very strong following on either side of the line. Fence-sitting isn’t really appreciated when it comes to immigration as one side will either accuse you of siding with those that are against immigration while the other side might simply call you weak-minded and unable to do anything of significance. The truth of the matter is that those of us that do weather the middle between two very opposite mindsets are not attempting to provoke anyone but would rather see a non-violent and mutually beneficial way to handle matters.

Yes it’s horrible that children are taken from their parents, yes it’s deplorable that families are separated and yes, there’s no excuse for any of it or for deriding and degrading those that wish to come to America. But in the same breath there are still laws that are set into place for good reasons, not biblical ones, that govern this land and make it possible for people to make their way into America. Immigration is not an evil all on its own, nor is it something that should be spoken in a negative manner. One of the oldest arguments in the nation is that America was founded on immigrants, which is entirely true, though the history that goes along with this is anything but bright if one cracks open a textbook.

What’s going on today in terms of people crossing the border or looking for refuge however is quite different from the days when America was still wild and as of yet tamed by those that would one day feud with England.

Both sides need to reach a compromise.


It isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, but both sides chiming in on this issue need to reach a moment in time when they can agree on something without having to bring up just why they’re right and their opponent is wrong. While they’re arguing they seem to forget that people who are either at the border, or have been detained at the border, or are being picked up by ICE, don’t have the luxury of standing around to argue and bicker about the price of humanity. They need a solution and they need something now in order to fix this mess.

Perhaps offering to help Mexico with their poor and needy, or to help with their economy so as to help their people, might be a profitable endeavor. It certainly couldn’t hurt relations between the two countries. But both sides have to want it to happen, this can’t be a half-hearted effort.

There are pros and cons to immigration.

Many people would lean heavily on one side of the fence or the other without weighing just what’s good or bad about immigration. Too many people want to see the good without having to look at the bad as it might contradict their thinking.

No one wants to think that they might be wrong after all.


  • The cultural exchange it gives is great since it allows people from different countries to share ideas, knowledge, and to build on the combination of what’s given in order to create something even stronger.
  • It offers a better distribution of population, particularly for those countries that are suffering from severe overpopulation.


  • Unfortunately the flood of immigrants that can be seen coming in from other nations can also lead to a severe population imbalance as refugees can overload cities and towns without much effort. America can accept a great number of people, but the need for those folks to congregate creates serious overpopulation issues.
  • Foreign diseases that are prevalent in the immigrant’s native country but not in the country they relocate to can be a problem.

There are many up and down sides to immigration, but there are certain sentiments that people will spout that are rather ridiculous. Immigrants are not taking our jobs, if you’re simply too lazy or too demanding to take any kind of job you can get when you need it, then don’t complain when an immigrant gladly takes it. And to those that would cheer this idea, keep in mind that if you decide to criticize one president about his obvious mistakes, you must be able to do so with your own candidate as well.

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