In this world a lot of us are constantly hustling in order to provide for ourselves, our families, and to make sure that we’re secure in our homes, our jobs, and can provide those that we care about with everything they need and/or want. What too many of us don’t seem able to do is slow down and appreciate just what it is that we’re trying to accomplish. There’s no time in the day it seems to really just sit back and enjoy what we’ve got, who we’ve got to enjoy it with, and why it’s so important. What’s the point of having anything or anyone in our lives if we can’t enjoy them?

People get married out of convenience, this is true, but those that get married for love are usually those that end up being happier and far more balanced in their lives. People want kids for various reasons, but one of the strongest is that children make us better than what we were at times, and can enrich our lives even as we struggle to be in theirs. People want big homes, nice things, and a fat bank account, but they work so hard to achieve these that they forget about the true importance of those that they’re striving to appease.

It’s not about things, or money, or anything material.

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Don’t get me wrong, money certainly helps as it keeps your family from living on the street and having to scrape by for food and the necessities of life. But striving to get more and more in order to have things you want but don’t need is a constant struggle that goes nowhere quickly and tends to take more time away from those that are really important. A home is only a home if it’s a place you can’t wait to return to, a haven where you and your family dwell and are content. A spouse is a person that builds you up, that you’re glad to be there for and will continually seek to surprise by being the person they need and deserve. And kids are the joys in our lives that aren’t perfect by any means, but are wonderful parts of life that allow us to realize just what we’re meant to do.

The acquisition of money, a big home, and nice things is not a bad thing at all, but allowing the pursuit of the almighty dollar to limit the time you spend with your family is not a wise practice.

The happiness of your family, of your children, comes from simply showing up.


That’s one of the biggest parts of being a parent and a spouse come to think of it, just being there. The more time you spend with your family and the more they realize how much you value them and their happiness, the more complete of a person you will be. It takes work to build and raise a family, but it takes your presence in their lives to make it work.

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