You sit there dumbfounded, unable to speak because your brain has just backfired in the worst way possible. Your voice won’t work, and every thought that you’d had up to that point simply drifts away or disintegrates like a dry leaf in a typhoon. It’s not something you prepared for, because how could you? This is one of those things that you had to figure out for yourself without anyone holding your hand.

But it was forewarned.

Oh yes, you were told many, many moons ago by someone that you didn’t seem to think was all that wise or knowledgeable about anything. Why? Because you figured that they couldn’t possibly understand you, that they were out of touch with the world and the way things worked. You had it all figured out remember? You were at the top of your game and couldn’t be bothered with the details.

Boy was that mistake.

You get it now, but that needed spark in your brain just blew out like a candle in a tempest and at the moment it’s all you can do just to remember to breathe and stay calm because the one person in your life that you want to talk to either isn’t there or will gladly smile and say “I told you so”. It wouldn’t help, but it would certainly be poetic justice of a sort now wouldn’t it? This is after all the moment they were alluding to for so long and the one moment that you never seemed to think would come. In fact it leaves you a bit irritated as well as dizzy to think about it.

Come on now, say it with me.

“Your parents were right.”

Now you have a kid, or kids, in your house and know that every word they said, every last little thing they tried to teach you is of the most importance, and you still can’t recall most of it because, well, you never thought that moment would come.

You can say it: Mind Blown.


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