It’s no secret that many among us fear the dreaded specter of death that comes at any given time to collect its due and ferry the souls of those who pass on towards their final rest of the next path they have yet to tread. Whatever you believe, the end is inevitable for every last person in this world and it is a fear that many possess that is seen as irrational by some and completely reasonable by others. Death is in fact rather unnerving, especially given that humanity has created a love/hate affair with the transition that touches everyone in different ways. The specter of the Grim Reaper that is seen so often as the personification of Death is quite terrifying in many respects, but the idea that lies behind it is quite natural in the way of all living things.

We will all pass on one day, that is never in question. Sadly we don’t always get to choose when and where. But we are capable of choosing the lives we lead before that day comes, and it is best that we live a life that is fulfilling and as free of regrets as it can be.

If you don’t really live then death will come before you’re really and truly ready.

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Everyone lives their lives the way they want and in the manner that makes them comfortable. But honestly and truly it is better to live a life that is fulfilling rather than trudge through one day after another simply trying to ‘get by’ if you can avoid it. Living your life to the fullest, or as full as is possible for you, is one of the best ways to fill the days. That way you can at least state that you made the best of the days you were given. Because make no mistake, the days we wake up and get to enjoy this world or at the very least exist within it are gifts. It’s best not to squander them.

Regrets will make the inevitable seem that much worse.

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Regrets are unfinished business that you leave behind, unresolved issues that you never took the time to finish or take care of, and by the time the end comes around they can become the reason you fear that final breath. Many people die with regrets, but many also pass on with the idea that they did what they could, and are thus absolved of the fear that might otherwise come. To die without regrets is rare, but to have done whatever you could to set your affairs in order is to meet your end knowing that you made the effort to right as many things as possible.

Death, as terrifying as it can be, is not a nightmare to be avoided, but an old friend to greet when the time comes.


Like it or not, death is common part of life and is something quite natural. No matter how it comes, it is the end we all face at one time or another. It was said best in the Green Mile, “We each owe a death…”. When the time comes to pay up it is best to smile and greet one’s passing with a smile if possible, as like all things, we too must pass.

It’s never easy, but it’s a necessary part of our existence.


  1. Death
    I need to think about.
    I have been ready for so long. Accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour in my heart years ago. That part of me is ready.
    But l don’t know anything else.

    1. It’s something each person has to face on their own, but what can help is understanding that no matter what happens, it’s the doorway we all need to step through so that we can see what’s on the other side.

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