Said the Student to the teacher, “This is too hard, I’ll never get it.” The Teacher just grinned and shook his head.

“You’ll never get it because you give in after the first failure,” the Teacher replied, “The world doesn’t owe you a quick answer, and so neither do I.” The Student, not liking this, frowned at her teacher as she bent back to the task of finishing her assignment. Only moments later she growled in frustration as she sat back in her seat.

“This is stupid!” she exclaimed, “I can’t do it and you can’t teach me how!” The Teacher frowned just slightly, shaking his head again as he came to stand in front of the Student.


“I know how you feel,” the Teacher said calmly, “I’ve been where you’re at. But the world doesn’t owe you what you can’t give back.”

The Student frowned and said “Huh? I don’t get it. That doesn’t make sense.” The Teacher just shook his head and walked away, letting the matter rest. Soon the Student was back at work again, her brow furrowed and her lips pressed in a line. Eventually as the Teacher watched she raised her eyes to his, as frustration turned to calm.

“I get it now,” said the Student to the Teacher, “It’s not about getting it right all the time, and it never was. It’s about the process of getting there, not the result but the cause.”

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The Teacher smiled and nodded, “The greatest joy of learning is not the joy of a job well done. It’s the realization that we’ve found learning through more ways than one. You’ve opened your eyes to a bigger world and thankfully now you you’ll know, that setting your sights on something you can reach is aiming far too low.”

The Student sat back again and regarded the Teacher with awe. “But what about mastery of knowledge as you must surely have?” The Teacher scoffed and shook his head, and gave a calming laugh.


“A Teacher will never stop learning, it sets a bad precedent. We will always continue forward, and as a Teacher we will also always be the student.”

Learning does not stop with the acquisition of skill and knowledge, but wisdom teaches us that from the day we’re born to the day we pass on, we will always be the student.


  1. Made me think a bit.
    I babysit an 8 year old. Have had her since she was 1 month old. Seems lately she is constantly challenging me. She doesn’t want to think or is easier to say, no, l can’t. This is drives me crazy. I want her to figure it out for herself.
    She is so bright.
    I have to walk away at times, too.
    Thank you once again.

    1. Sometimes walking away is harder than simply telling them what to do. I have three children and they all want to do their own thing, so I feel you.

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