Ocean Park, WA

April 25th , 2020

It had been a week since Clinton had been detained, not arrested, and Mariah had made her decision. She’d announced only a few days after the incident that she was going to move in with Aiden, and her parents, who loved her dearly, had looked ready to help her pack. The move would be over and done with in a few days, but thankfully her parents had allowed her and Aiden to share some time together while taking Richard for a couple of days.

“You’ve got a strange grip,” Aiden remarked as he watched her in that moment, his eyebrows raising slightly as she shifted her feet just a bit, her breathing smooth and sure as she kept her grip firm and unyielding.

“It’s how I was taught to do it,” she said with a grin, “and it’s what’s comfortable.”

“To each their own I guess,” Aiden said, settling back as he watched.

Mariah’s grip tightened just a bit, and then loosened as she let the shaft fly, feeling it fire true from her bow as it wobbled just as it should have along its trajectory before thunking home in the target nearly forty yards away. It was an impressive shot for a hunter, and more than impressive for someone that didn’t hunt but did this for recreation. Mariah enjoyed coming out to the archery range, it gave her a sense of release that she didn’t get all the time and more than that, it was nice to have someone around now that enjoyed it just as much.

Clinton had never enjoyed the range, he thought that a bow and arrow was a child’s toy. He’d always preferred a rifle of some sort, something you could attach a high-powered scope to and kill with from a much greater range. To him a bow and arrow was something you played with when you were a stupid kid, in his words. Aiden however enjoyed the simplicity of it, though he enjoyed the feel of his compound bow to her old-fashioned recurve.

His bow could shoot further and carried more of a punch despite the fact that the draw weight on hers was ten pounds heavier, but in terms of marksmanship she’d already proven that she was the hawkeye between them. Aiden’s approving whistle as he saw the arrow thunk into the center of the target at the end of the range was enough of a comment in that moment as she grinned and stepped aside to let him take his shot.

“That’s hard to beat I guess,” he said, nocking an arrow before using the mechanical relesae on his right hand to draw it back. She didn’t care for this method, she’d earned the callouses on her fingers rightfully. But each archer did things differently and she’d never given him hell about his, except for the first time they’d come here together.

“Don’t forget your guides,” Mariah grinned, enjoying the grunt of irritation he gave her as she decided to dig on him this time. “Old man eyes aren’t reliable at this range remember.”

The last word wasn’t even out of her mouth when he released, his arrow flying true and straight as it thunked almost directly next to hers. Aiden turned to her with a wide grin then, one which she matched as he said “Old man my ass.”

She couldn’t suppress a girlish giggle, he just brought it out in her, as she leaned in to give him a kiss. That however was the only reason that neither of them saw the figure standing at the end of the course, fuming as he watched their lips press together.

(to be continued)

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