Can you tell a story? Well, can you? Can you reach inside that head of yours and pull out something that looks like nothing but can become everything if you shape it and pull at it and make it into a piece of anything that might become that one thing?

Can you recognize when inspiration hits and learn to lie when it doesn’t so people might think that you know what in the world you’re talking about so that you don’t seem as though you’re lost in your own thoughts? Can you parse fact from fiction and create something that’s neither but a wonderful blend of both and then push it to a public that wants more than you can give but can’t handle the full onslaught of your imagination? If you can tell a story then you change your world, a world, any world, just so long as you seek to change someone’s world.

Sound crazy? Sound a little off kilter? That’s good because it should because writing is not just a matter of putting words onto paper or binding a story within a limit and setting boundaries that tell it where to go. Well it is, but it isn’t, get it? No? It’s okay, because there is so much more to writing than can be explained with just a single row of type or even an epic novel since it’s something that defies any logical explanation and decides to burst up out of the subconscious and go traipsing about the page looking for a place to rest and possibly a place to nest that’s outside the boundaries of your head where it can grow and begin to spread.

A story is more than an idea, it’s more than a feeling, and it’s more than an epic tale pitting one individual against another or a world against the individual. It’s something that writers do to grab hold of the crazy notion that they absolutely MUST write and allows them to bring forth what will drive them even battier if it’s not put on the page.

What’s that? Oh you’re right, not all writers suffer this malady or this joy or this blessing (take it as you will), as it’s reserved for those that don’t like to impose on their imagination and let it roam merely for the fun of being able to battle back against the demons  so that they might be caged once again in the darkness of our subconscious before we let them out to run yet again.

So can you tell a story? Be wary of what you let out….

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