89604109.jpg  Said the Homebody to the Wanderer, “Friend, it’s sad when you leave. The sunsets seem a little darker, the sunrise takes a little longer, and the wind just seems to sigh a little heavier on those days you’re not around.”

The Wanderer sighed in turn and looked out to long, stretching distance, then back to his friend with a big warm smile. He said “Friend, I know what you’re saying and I hear it true. But this is what is good for me but for you. I’ve got to put my walkin’ boots on and get along, because stayin’ here too long is bad my soul, so it is.” The Homebody just smiled and nodded his head because he knew that it true.


“Well then my friend,” said he, “I know you’ve got your path. I’ll be here settin’ my porch on the off chance that you’ll be back. You know where to find me, I ain’t gonna go and hide. I’ll be here on my porch thinkin’ about you travelin’ far and wide. I won’t pretend to know where you’re goin’, or even guess as to where you’ve been, but one thing you’ll come to know is that back here you’ve got a friend.”

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The Wanderer patted his knee and smiled, rising to his feet, “I know that friend and I’ll be back someday from that long and winding road. I’ll tell you what I’ve seen and what I’ve done and what I’ve been told. My days won’t end until we meet again on that I’m fully sold, ’cause one day I’ll be ready to rest when my feet have grown too old.”


The Homebody said, “Well then get on up old son, the day is wearin’ on and you’ve a tale that’s not yet done.”

“Thank you,” said the Wanderer, giving his friend a grin, “I do believe I’ll go and hit that road again.”


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