It’s agreed by many that we need representatives that are elected to run this country, that not having them would throw America into a state of anarchy and chaos that would be worse than the Old West and would no doubt lead to great ruin. But then there are those that would agree that the idea of needing politicians is all well and good, but the fact remains that they are there to serve the people, not to be served BY them. A great many people stand by politicians in the beginning and will many times stand by them through one compromise and concession after another, but those that truly get to thinking of why they would do this when their candidate continues to change their stance and their feelings about certain issues has to start wondering why they continue to follow when it means giving up on their ideals in order to follow someone that’s no longer following the same path that got them into office.

Change is inevitable, it’s been seen in many facets of life to date. But the idea of a politician changing their mind and compromising their values and beliefs has become something that people have come to expect, and that change is not always for the better. In fact it’s rarely for the better since even the best intentions seem to fade like dust in a high wind when many politicians reach their post. They find out that the landscape they’re walking into no longer believes in the high-minded ideals and good of the people, the same people that got them elected in the first place when they were firmly set in their ways.

Politics tends to warp even the best politicians until it becomes less about the people than it does about their own interests.

Is that cynical? Yes it is.


Rarely will you find a politician being caught in a lie so great that they will be forced to pay for it in some manner. Yet if the average citizen was to malign or in any way break one of the many laws that are in place the government, that is supposed to serve the people, would come down on that individual without question. Yet for politicians it seems as though there is a process that must be undertaken that is typically longer than the term a politician will spend in their current position. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

Just take a look at this for a good example.

Here’s another one, just because.

So why do people follow these folks?


The quick and easy reason is that those that believe themselves free-thinkers that still want someone in power to follow and look to as a good example of what a leader is are sometimes those that will gladly roll over and/or look the other way when their leaders behave or perform in a manner that is not fitting of their stature and position within the role they’ve been given. That’s right, politicians are elected and can be removed even with the many processes that have been created to prevent the ease of such a thing. The legal loopholes and proceedings that make it so difficult to remove a politician from office are not the constructs of a thinking society, but instead the failsafes of those that are in love with the power that their position grants them. So long as politicians are allowed to feel secure in their position there will be corruption, and those that believe in them without opening their eyes will forever be those that elect leaders that will continue to keep this country divided.

We need a government that serves the people, not a group of overly rich politicians that will continually seek to establish and then maintain their power base while promising everything and delivering very little, if anything.

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