The common idea is that anyone living in American and under it’s laws should have to follow them, right? Yeah, you would think so, but that’s not the case. The law seems to apply to those that can’t afford high-priced attorneys that are paid to find loopholes and ways around the laws so that their clients, who will continue paying so long as they can gt off the hook, can be set free or given minimal jail time. Think about this, the average person would be going away for a long, long time after committing the same crimes that some celebrities have gotten away with. But for those that are famous and can buy their way out of it? It’s a slap on the wrist and a slap in the face to those that fail to see the equality in all of this.

Some fans stand by their favorite celebrities and will gladly make excuses and embellish their careers and all they’ve done, but will fail miserably when it comes to defending the right of the celebs to walk free on charges that would mean prison time for anyone else. They get let off the hook or let out early because they’re famous and contribute to society, but what they take away is seemingly forgivable because they’re famous and can slip a few bills to make it all go away.

So basically the message is that if you’re famous enough you can break the law and just walk away.

The law does work sometimes, but not always.

There are some famous individuals that have gone to jail, but even then a lot of them have been let off because of good behavior or for other reasons. Plus, the things that landed them in jail are typically those that would land an average person in the slammer for a much longer time and without the possibility of a reduced sentence. It’s possible, but how often has a non-celebrity been let go well ahead of their release date when compared to professional athletes and celebrities? If you decide to say anything other than “not often” then you’re deluding yourself since the more famous a person is the more likely it is that they’ll be let go before they’ve served their time.

There are exceptions of course, just as in anything. But on average any type of celebrity will be given more consideration when it comes to getting out of jail than the average citizen.

Just try and explain how celebrities are any different when it comes to following the laws of the land. Every explanation out there amounts to one thing: they’re not.

Let’s not get started on politicians.

Why? Because corruption in the US is legal at this point so long as it’s in the interest of Congress and our government to make it so. Don’t believe it? Do your research, follow the money trail that benefits those that run the country and rarely benefits those that follow them. Laws that are written and approved are rarely followed by those that do the writing.

A lazy legal system creates a wide array of cynics.

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