Protesting is a person’s given right and a good idea when people feel an absolute need to be heard and to voice their concerns about something that they tend to believe in. But there are moments when protesting simply goes off the rails and becomes something far more disruptive than it needs to be.

Take the video above for example. Vegans don’t eat animals or animal products and don’t use anything that comes from an animal, right? That’s fine, that’s their decision, and it’s expected that people will respect it. But it goes the other way as well, meaning that barging into a restaurant and singing at the top of your voice how meat is murder, or crying over an animal that may or may not have ended up on a patron’s plate is not okay. Not only are these people disrupting a legally owned and operated business, but they are disturbing the patrons as well. Even if the protest is legal and all aboveboard, there is no call to disrupt someone’s livelihood in order to spread your message.

In all honesty it’s not just the patrons and owner of the business they’re bothering. These types of protests disrupt the jobs of those that need the paycheck and are depending on people actually wanting to come back to the establishment. So in theory if the protesters won they’d still be responsible for costing many people their jobs, which is hard to equate as anything but a loss.

Another good example of protesting going too far is what happened right here in Portland, Oregon shortly after Trump was elected. People took to the streets in mobs, with many breaking windows, causing unneeded property damage, and blocking roadways for miles. There was no call for this as it was more of a temper tantrum than a true protest, and the worst part is that it wasn’t over and done with in a single night, week, or even a month. People continued to protest, student walkouts happened when the shooting in Florida occurred, and too many people forgot why anyone was protesting in the first place as they simply wanted to join in the chaos.

Protesting is our right, and it is all well and fine if it has a cause, but when it becomes dependent upon the mentality of the mob it tends to break down far too easily into something that requires a police presence to break up. And then, of course, that’s when people start chanting ‘police state’ and wonder why the cops are using force against those that decide that they won’t assemble or leave peacefully.

And here is the prize winner within the last few years, Mr. David Hogg. His Die-In at the Publix supermarket greatly disrupted the business for the duration and also disrupted the liberal movement as Publix is known for donating to the liberal agenda as well as Republicans. This protest definitely backfired on him and made the young man more of a liability to his cause than anything.

Protesting is our right, as it needs to be said over and over, but protesting with a set goal in mind and with at least some common sense when it comes to spreading one’s message tends to get better results than disrupting businesses, making emotional, impassioned pleas, and being a nuisance in general. Do you pay attention the whining mosquito in your ear, or the reasonable human being attempting to have a discussion with you?


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