Words tend to bite much deeper than any wound a person could possibly inflict on another, as is known throughout every society. For some this is a hard concept to grasp mostly because it relies on the notion that one can be affected by words rather than physical action. The reality is that if one person strikes another they will cause some amount of damage no matter how great or small. But the idea of hurting someone with spoken words is something that some folks still cannot understand as words don’t seem to affect them in any negative manner.

Such people are either comfortable with who they are and allow any and all hurtful words or emotions to slide off of them, or are somehow oblivious, arrogant, or completely full of themselves and just don’t care. Yet that leaves many upon many individuals that still find it possible to be wounded by a harsh word or negative sentiment that is spoken by another. The mindset of those that are not outwardly affected by negative words situations and those that take everything to heart has caused great debate over the years as to who is mentally stronger, who is more mature, and so on and so forth.

The truth of it is that a mentally resilient person can be the weakest person you’ve ever met when it comes to physical pain, while the most emotionally-sensitive person in the world could be highly tolerant of physical pain. It’s not always this way of course as physical pain has different effects upon many people, but there is no one way to determine who is stronger when it comes to dealing with pain in any form.

In many ways emotional pain is much worse than most physical pains.


Think about this, physical pain can limit your mobility and your ability to perform certain functions. Many physical pains will be able to heal however, leaving the body slightly weaker but still capable of operating under normal circumstances. Emotional pain however can cripple the mind, distort a person’s behavior, and in many cases can affect the physical health of the individual.

Emotional pain doesn’t heal as quickly and it can’t be bandaged or assuaged in the same manner that physical pain can. The fact is that whatever chemical response is triggered by emotional pain does tend to create a serious amount of trauma that originates in the human brain and then translates to the rest of the body. It is still highly debated by many people but the facts that have been seen throughout years are hard to argue with.

Emotional pain can cause serious physical distress.

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While emotional pain might be ridiculed by some it is still a big factor in the overall health of an individual. Think of what happens when you feel tense, distraught, depressed, or even just anxious about one thing or another. Your body tightens up, your muscles can experience actual pain from being clenched due to fear, anxiety, or anger. Some people grind their teeth, leading to serious dental or jaw issues, other experience ulcers, digestive problems, joint pain, and even have problems with their breathing, blood pressure, or heart rate.

Emotional pain is much worse than physical pain largely because it can cause symptoms that are treatable, but can occur all over again if the emotional trauma is not somehow addressed and treated.

Pain is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean we’re meant to suffer.


From the moment we’re born to the moment we pass on we will know pain. This is an inevitable part of being human, we will feel pain in one form or another no matter how we live, who we’re nice to, or how decent of a life we try to live. Pain is a reminder of life in a way, it allows us to realize that we are still among the living. Emotional pain however causes such great amounts of suffering that it often becomes too much for some and the end result is never pretty or desired. To live is to experience pain more than once in a lifetime, but to suffer is an option that many people would rather not explore.

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