Well if enough people read this, and certain people read it, then I might find myself entangled in an argument or I might find folks agreeing. Either way let’s keep rolling. So quite honestly the majority of us are born one way or another. We don’t get to pick if we’re born male or female, that’s the beauty of random selection and how our parents’ chromosomes work when they come together. When you’re born, you possess one set of equipment or the other most often. You’ll have a double X or an XY that identifies you as male or female. That’s one argument that many upon many people that would love to argue about gender will lose no matter how much they want to huff and puff. It’s a simple fact of biology and even if someone wanted to change it or decide not to recognize it, well, at this point in your life you don’t know any better one way or the other and you’re kind of stuck as you are.

Things do change as life goes on since let’s face it, gender is more of a social construct than anything and is imposed upon us while we’re young. I won’t deny that I’m one of the many that treats a girl differently than a boy, but I will say that yes, this was how I was raised and this is what my experience has been. The experience of others and how they were brought up has a lot to do with the way they believe and how they turn out later in life. So shall we continue?

What goes into making us has a lot to do with how we appear in this world, but it doesn’t necessarily determine everything about us.


Your genetic makeup is important when deciding how to treat you from a medical standpoint since there are diseases that affect one sex and not the other. For instance, it’s not entirely possible for men, even if they identify as women, to suffer vaginal distress considering that unless they’ve made the complete transition, they don’t have one. And for women that identify as men but haven transitioned it’s the same, as testicular cancer is not something you normally would associate with women. Your biological sex still defines you in terms of your body and genetic makeup, and therefore there is one reason why gender becomes a bit confusing when people begin to identify as anything other than the two sexes that nature will select for them at birth.

But honestly and truthfully your sex will not define who you choose to be on the outside. Gender is the choice of the individual and has little to do with what sex one was born as. The story of a life is made up of more than who we are at birth, and as you walk down your own personal road you might experience a host of revelations that seem unnatural to some and absolutely wrong to others, but are your own experiences that are to be embraced as you see fit.

Who you are is who you are. Society does not get to make this determination for you.


Should you you cling to your biological sex that’s your decision, but should you decide to defy society and seek out a gender definition that feels right for you, then no one has the ability to tell you that you’re wrong. The issue here however is that society has not yet conformed to the many different genders that currently exist. In terms of society’s rules and regulations it is still at times necessary to identify with your biological sex in order for society to grant whatever it can to accommodate each person. While society can but doesn’t always recognize one’s right to be considered their own gender, it is still necessary to be able to speak one’s biological sex when it’s needed in order to function within the society. Who you are beyond that is something that no one can determine but you.

Let’s face it, for any part of society this is a bit confusing.


No offense intended to anyone, but this list, and it’s not comprehensive since there are said to be many more, is quite long when it comes to identifying someone’s gender, and many legal forms and documents would become books if this type of chart was to be added in its entirety. No one’s asking those that identify as other genders to give up on who they are. Well, some do, but they’re not right for doing so. Instead of asking to give up on your gender however, many people, especially those that are in the business of granting benefits, and those that are in the medical field, DO have to know what sex you were born with so that they can figure out what you qualify for and what to look for when you come in for a checkup.

Telling a doctor that you’re gender void when you go in for a physical will likely get you a very confused and possibly irritated look. For certain things in life it’s usually wise to recall what sex you were born. You’ll still be the same gender, but with a much more patient listener that will be able to fully serve your needs.

And for anyone that wants to state that hormones will alter your sexuality, this is entirely true, but they will not change your DNA. You’re stuck with that for life no matter how much you change. So identify as whatever you want, especially if it makes you happier. Just know that we’re born one way or another, and at the most fundamental level that tends to stay the same.

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