Science fiction is great when it’s left to entertainment, but as a lot of us know at this point that’s not where it’s being left. Every day or every so often it seems we’re learning of the desire and the accomplishment of new AI, new inroads towards the idea of cloning, and of course now a Space Force that is proposed to give America even further dominance. Does anyone really take into account what even a few of these things would mean though? It would seem the answer is obvious since a lot of folks are all for advanced AI and new ideas in such a field since it tends to make life easier and the warnings of the many films on it don’t seem to track since, y’know, they’re  ‘entertainment’.

Well guess what, the entertainment aspect is quickly becoming reality.

Okay, a little dramatic, but it fits.


The movies and TV shows make it all so dramatic but the idea that robots could one day become aware and take over is still a fear of many. With the latest advancements in AI however those fears aren’t about to be assuaged since those working in robotics seem to be making leaps and bounds as they continue to fine tune and develop new robotics that are beginning to be able to take on simple and mundane tasks.  While it’s a long way from The Matrix and Terminator movies, it’s still enough to unnerve a few people and get them asking “why?”.

As in, why would anyone actively seek to make these things?

And cloning is no better.


There is an argument, many in fact, that pull for the idea of cloning since it seems as though people believe that they can clone food animals and other resources that would be useful to humanity. It’s hard to deny that argument but it’s still feasible to say that cloning is not the best idea simply because it turns the risk of creating a manufacturing culture in which the majority of foodstuffs are completely controlled and not allowed to grow as they will. It becomes an issue of freedom for both the eaten, and an issue of morality for the eaters.

How long will it be until someone decides that cloning a human is okay for organ transplants as has been discussed in the past?

As much as we want to create, we end up creating our own destruction.


As human beings we’re a very confusing species. What we create is usually destroyed in some manner, and from the destruction we build up again just so something can possibly be destroyed by other humans or left to stand, forgotten by just about everyone until someone decides to come along and misinterpret why it was there in the first place.

Science fiction needs to remain in the fictional realm sometimes, lest we forget the lessons that entertainment is trying to teach us.


  1. Nuclear and biological are obvious choices, but so is overpopulation.

    Who is making the decisions here and how are they enforced? Maybe part of the problem is that science fiction has not been used sufficiently to educate in combination with the entertainment. Much of the so called sci-fi entertainment is actually stupid.

    1. You make a good point, it’s easier to prey on people’s fears and keep them distracted. But the question of who’s making the decisions is another point that entertainment seems to try to tell us, but is discounted because it’s seen solely as ‘entertainment’. Fiction is more than just for entertainment, it’s a reflection of society and how it works, or doesn’t work.

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