Forest Grove, OR

April 28th, 2020

I haven’t seen a single agent for a week now. I’ve seen plenty of others though, and they’ve seen me. But they haven’t come near me, nor have they looked at me with anything even close to the same malevolence as the one in the office building did a week ago. I suppose you’d like to know why, or at least the reason I’ve come to believe.

The other that rammed his hand into my chest, it felt like my lungs had filled with smoke suddenly, choking me and killing me slowly as I couldn’t move. I wasn’t even able to make a sound as the other held his arm inside me for what seemed like hours, but was only seconds. When the pain started to dissipate though I realized that I was still breathing, but that something had changed. I could see the other perfectly. He wasn’t a phantom any longer, and seemed like a real, corporeal being.

But as soon as this happened he started to fade away, almost as the others do when I see them and they fade from my vision normally. But this wasn’t the same. He started, peeling away, strips of his body just peeling off like the rind of a fruit as what was exposed beneath was nothing but air and smoke. The parts of him that peeled away curled like ashes before disappearing completely. Before he was gone though he did the strangest thing.

He smiled.

That smile hasn’t haunted me for the past week, but the same reason that the others no longer look at me with anything but quiet deference or even fear is that he changed something in me. He made me something, someone, that they knew better than to mess with. That’s my theory, though I don’t know how accurate it is. All I know is that the others see me clearly now wherever I go, and they avoid me without being coy about it. They don’t run in my presence, but they certainly don’t approach me, even if I’m in the middle of a large group of them as I was just the other day in Banks. They no longer look like they want to hurt me, and will gladly move aside.

I don’t know what the other did to me for certain, nor if I’m still fully human, but I look it at least, and that’s good enough. Of the agents I haven’t seen a single thing in days, and I hope not to.

Of Optimal though, I’ve found something very interesting. There’s another survivor.

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