In our nation as it currently stands it’s hard to know just who is actually right, but one thing is for certain, NO ONE is right all the time. Those that believe they are happen to be fooling themselves at this moment, and what’s more, they’re trying to fool legions of others into thinking so as well. This is often called the act of being a free-thinking individual that sees the right path and knows when to take it. But how in the world do we know right from wrong at this juncture in life when every side we seem to pick has such horrific faults that all we can do is accept, ignore, or suffer them while giving justification for why we still follow that side? Some will gladly point out their own flaws and will own them, while others will insist that their flaws have some form of justification that can be reasoned away.

Who’s going to be right? Who comes down on the side of what’s just?

As a human being that cares for other human beings it’s bound to happen that many people would deny the Trump administration any type of legitimacy when it comes to the current issue of detaining children at the Mexican/American border. But the mere fact that Maxine Waters is calling to publicly harass and protest those in the Trump cabinet wherever they might be is only adding more fuel to this particular fire. There is every reason to be fired up and ready to take action, but gearing people up to harass other people, other Americans no less, is only creating a widening divide that is not helping the nation in any way.

You don’t close the gap by forcing it wider.

There will usually be struggle before there is peace, but at what cost?


When no one is willing to back down and no one seems ready to compromise it becomes a test of wills that will eventually force someone to do what is right, not what is easy, but what is capable of uniting two opposing sides rather than continue to tear them apart. At this point those opposing sides in the US seem to be getting ready for an all out scrum between their different factions, but this is the easy part. Inciting riots, blaming one another, and causing a public unrest is simple as people will look for leaders and will follow those that seem to have a good understanding of how they feel and will tell them what they can do about it.

The blind follow whoever is leading them to right or ruin, but the wise will open their eyes before getting to the ledge.

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