Agree, disagree, or agree to disagree, it doesn’t matter since the laws in this nation have been so horribly skewed for so long that holding on to the ideals that made them has become less than possible. The punishment for certain crimes used to be absolute and without being to be contested. If you struck harmed someone you went to jail, if you killed someone you were in turn executed. The various punishments for crime across the world have been seen to be very different, but in the USA it’s been seen that the laws have changed, changed again, and then changed again as the years have gone by, until finally the punishment for most crimes means that while a person sees the inside of a jail cell they might never fully pay for the crime they committed, or might end up paying more than is their due.

When you look at some of the punishment that have been handed out and the fact, the FACT, that offenders such as murderers, rapists, and child molesters have been set free on bond or have been given insanely lenient sentences, then it becomes less likely that any argument begging for leniency on the part of a criminal will hold much weight. At this point in history the crimes that are committed are done so with the full knowledge that even if they are incarcerated, criminals know very well that it will be on the taxpayer’s dime, and that however horrific prison might be, it will still remain a guaranteed bed and three meals a day.

The sad part is that the money spent towards these accommodations is more than many programs for the truly needy receive throughout the nation.

The punishment does not fit the crime in the modern age.


This is a conundrum to be certain. Bringing a fitting crime against the offender, basically taking an eye for an eye, is very tempting to many people, particularly the victims of said crimes. But it does tend to reflect upon the society that wills it. Killing another person because they killed someone is an open-ended wrong that does not bring closure and does not bring the deceased back. Punishing a child molester in various and imaginative ways however would send a rather harsh but lasting message to anyone else that had the thought of doing such a thing, as would handing down such punishment to rapists. Perhaps the idea is not to kill, but to make them suffer as their victims suffered, to stretch out their days from the moment of their incarceration to the very last breath they take.

Getting out and becoming a part of society once again is not an unattainable goal, but the three-strike rule is far too lenient in some cases. If a criminal breaks the law the second time, then it’s been proven that they cannot live in an ordered society, and they will have lost their chance to be a part of it any longer. So perhaps the death penalty and funding for prisons should be suspended if not cut entirely, and the prisoners should be made to suffer and earn their way back to society, rather than be given guaranteed room and board and a chance to lessen their sentence through ‘good behavior’.

Think that’s too harsh? In truth it fits the crime more than the system we have now.


Ever notice how criminals are given a forum for their so-called grievances? Yes, there are those that don’t belong in prison for what they’ve done but should still be forced to pay society back in some way. Yes there are those that are falsely accused, but their numbers have dwindled significantly. Those that break the law of an ordered society need to earn their way back into it in a fair and just way. And if they cannot, if they want to remain a criminal the rest of their wasted life, then they’ve made their choice. That might seem harsh, but there are billions of people in the world that choose to lead lives that don’t involve harming others in a way that can’t be taken back, and to think that those who wantonly break the laws of society can simply bounce in and out of the system is a grievous insult to those that seek to keep the world running as close to an even keel as can be.

Any that cry over the fate of criminals and their ‘unfair’ treatment need to think of how their attitude might change had they been the one that suffered at the hands of such individuals. No matter what is said, the situation becomes far more serious and quite different when it affects us personally.

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