The word ‘hero’ gets thrown around a lot these days. Someone is heroic for standing up to the status quo, another person is heroic for conforming it and keeping their convictions. There are heroes on both side of a conflict, or neither side would be able to stand as a cohesive unit. Some might call this kind of ideology fence-sitting, or being indecisive and therefore ineffectual. In truth the idea of heroism is not what it used to be, if it ever was that in the first place.

What is a hero to begin with?

There are so many different images that could be shared and posted about what a hero is and what they’re not. There are images that people will cheer and others that they will deny because it doesn’t hold with their ideology of what a hero really is. The problem is that as humans we pick sides, and each side claims their ‘heroes’ based on their own different ideologies. The sad part of this is that the real heroes never seem to get the message by that they’re not heroes at all, but people that are just trying to get by.

There’s no place for heroes in this world.


The ideals that are attributed to heroes are normally those that many people put a lot of stock in, but won’t ascribe to for one reason or another. Sure a lot of us will stand up for those being oppressed and will gladly denounce the oppressor. But heroes don’t last long in memory or in deed. The longer a person is labeled a hero, the more chance they have to become the villain in the eyes of another.

Being a hero means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but in the end it’s a title that many don’t seek out even if it’s granted to them by one person or many. There’s no room in this world for heroes for a lot of reasons, but one among many is that they don’t consider themselves heroes and don’t want to remembered in such a light to begin with.

What’s wrong with being a person that did the right thing when they felt the need and nothing else?

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