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So far I’ve spoken out about bullying once or twice in my blog, but this is perhaps one of the things that still makes me scratch my head. With the impact of social media and the technology we’ve got available at this date bullies have become even more inventive and what’s more, they’ve found a way to keep from getting their comeuppance that’s highly annoying and more than a little pathetic. They’ve become cyberbullies. Now raise your hand if you think that back in the 90’s this is something that might have made you snicker just because you can imagine someone trying to hurt another person’s feelings by typing the words on a computer screen. Now fast forward and try to snicker. It’s harder to do without a doubt, but in theory it should be fairly easy.

Why you ask? Because a cyberbully is probably the most cowardly of any bully in this world. While bullies have their own issues to deal with the fallout from their actions is dependent upon the mindset of the person they’re bullying. If you happen to be a sensitive person and are easily offended then words are going to hurt. You might not know why but they will affect you on a deeper level. If you’re the type of person that realizes that you can hit the ‘block’ button on your social media and take care of the problem then you’re ahead of the game.

Cyberbully’s are only as influential as you let them be.


If you’re thinking ‘it’s so easy to say that you can block them out’ then you’re right. Anyone can say it, but it’s the person being bullied that has to realize it and therefore ignore the people that are sending them so much hate. The idea of who you are and what you stand for is what can ultimately disarm and destroy a bully. Even if they start spreading lies and rumors about you, staying the course and remaining true to who you are, and letting others know this, will negate whatever the bully has to say.

Remember, those that have to bully you online are those that don’t have the courage to do it to your face. So in reality, YOU’RE the strong one. Hit ‘block’, refuse to buy into what they’re saying, and remember that you don’t have to justify yourself to them.

It’s easy to antagonize people you don’t have to go face to face with.


When all you have to do is type to ruin someone’s day it doesn’t make you tough, it makes a person about as weak as they could possibly be in terms of character. Having to prey on another person’s sensibilities without actually having to face them is the mark of a very pathetic and weak excuse for a human being. People that do this have their own issues to deal with, or they lack the kind of heart that would allow them empathize with their fellow human beings. In any case a lot of cyberbullies, it not all of them, would back down immediately upon meeting up with someone that refuses to be their victim.

As much as it should be, it’s not easy for a lot of people to resist cyberbullies. But just keep in mind, they don’t have the guts to say it to your face. Just remember that when they try to make you feel weak. And then remember where ‘block’ button is.


    1. It’s pretty sad when a person has to hide behind a screen. Back in the day our methods might have been a little more brutal but they usually worked.

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