You can dispute it all you want, but right now our nation is divided when it comes to who we support, what we support, and what needs to be done about it. There have been times like this in the past obviously and there have been worse confrontations that anything that’s come recently. But the way the US is currently going there’s no telling whether or not we’ll see a repeat of those hard times soon or in the next few decades.

What causes it? Americans have been divided about a great many things over the years since the country’s inception, but one point of pride has been that we will stand together when someone outside of our country attacks us. There are in fact many reasons why people still call this nation home and do so proudly, but as of now several of those reasons are being hotly disputed from one coast to the other. Americans might very well stand together against a threat from a foreign shore, but here at home, our own problems are still more than enough to keep us at odds with one another.

There’s a few reasons why we don’t stand together unless there’s a reason.


Look at everything we have to divide us and then look at everything that unites us. You can argue day and night about who’s right, who’s more sensitive, and who just doesn’t do enough to coexist with others, but the truth is that for all those that do manage to live peacefully with their neighbors there are still more that don’t choose to. And to think, many of the things in this country that divide us seem trivial and easily reconciled, but something continues to keep us apart and at odds with one another. Is it that hard to be nice to each other and show some honest respect?

This is what unity looks like.

What Unites Us Is Far Greater Than What Divides Us

Color, race, ethnicity, gender, political stance, religion, none of it stands above being human. Each one of us breathes the same air, we all start out in the same manner, and we all reach for the same star, but in a very different way. Focusing on our differences is what keeps us divided, and choosing to see one another as the problem rather than finding out how, together, we can come up with a solution is what tears countries apart. If you don’t think that we have problem in this country then it could be that you’re blissfully ignorant, don’t care, or are somehow entitled enough that you feel that you’re above it.

Personally the majority of us are not, and for the sake our country we need to find a way to unite and help each other rather than tear one another down.

A united country is one in which all citizens, no matter what they look or sound like, can pull together for the common good. It’s been a while since that happened here. It’s our country, it’s our home, and it’s the only one we’ve got at this moment, so it’s time to pull together before we come apart.

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