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A lot of people don’t agree with or don’t like fence-sitters, those that opt out of a debate or refuse to comment on an issue for fear of offending both sides or perhaps offending what they believe to be the wrong side. This kind of attitude drives some people up that wall because this indecisive behavior is often believed to be cowardice, ignorance, or a simple denial of whatever issue is being discussed. Fence-sitters don’t tend to get a lot of respect when it comes to their opinions since they don’t tend to give them that often, choosing instead to stay quiet or find the inherent points presented by both sides.

What is regrettable about this is that while fence-sitters are at times reviled and even derided for their neutral stance, they are not always as indecisive as they appear to be. Many times they are seeking to learn as much as they can about both sides and the grievances that have been aired by both parties. In the world as we know it now such a thing is quite common and is vital when it comes to being well-informed when it comes to the various issues that are brought to the public on a continual basis.

It’s better to take your time and find out just why people are getting angry rather than join the mob.

It’s too common and far too easy to label people and give ultimatums when they are seen as a fence-sitter.

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Those that do not support the victims or the oppressed in any conflict are typically seen to be part of the problem as they will not risk themselves for another or stand against injustice. This is a serious problem as standing against an oppressor is an important part of being a moral and ethical human being. But choosing not to stand in the path of a force that can crush you underfoot without thought or compassion is seen as foolish by many people, thereby inspiring inactivity and a need to practice self-preservation. It is far nobler to give oneself to an ideal and stand against tyranny and oppression, but it is also foolish to throw one’s life away without first knowing all the facts and why they should stand up.

Call it cowardice, but the wise individual understands why they will stand and what the purpose will be.

Who’s telling the truth?


These days honesty is a tricky thing to find, as it’s hidden so well behind propaganda on both sides and is used to its greatest extent to win the hearts and minds of many upon many followers. Are you a sheep to believe everything you see and hear, or are you a free-thinking individual that can discern lies from the truth? Many people would gladly place themselves in the latter category, but upon looking at the numbers again one might find that they are overwhelming in terms of how both sides think that they are telling the truth.

The “with us or against us” stance is something that should have began and ended in the movies.


This is a scary thought, but it seems all too real some days. We’ve all seen people giving ultimatum’s like this in the movies, right? Well the problem with this sentiment is that in America it seems to indicate that there is an Us and a Them within the same country, when it should be “United we stand” without an internal divide separating us. Fence-sitters aren’t cowards or fools that can’t follow their convictions. They’re the truth-seekers that are trying to think beyond the mob mentality when it comes to our nation, and attempting to find the compromise by which our nation can finally agree upon how our country must move forward united, not divided.

It will always be necessary to pick a side at one point, but until that time comes it is wiser to see both sides of an issue before deciding which way you will turn.

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