You’ve heard that history is written by the victors right? So what, did the losers in every skirmish just collectively sigh and walk away? Not according to history as we know it. If you read your history books and then the accounts of those that aren’t afraid to teach the tragedies and horrific acts that have occurred worldwide, not just in the USA, you’ll see that history is quite the tangled mess of atrocities that come from an unknown number of conflicts throughout recorded history. Depending on whose story you decide to believe you will come to realize that the historical texts of any given nation will almost always lean towards the self-gratification process that paints that nation as the heroes, the adventurers, the explorers, and rarely ever mentions anything else.

I know the argument by now, kids don’t need to read about this at a young age, the outcome doesn’t matter because the victors decided what was going to happen in the name of progress, and so on and so forth. Oh, and one of my favorites, the enemy was just as ruthless if not more so than those who eventually claimed victory. While much of this is in the past it is still an atrocity that many see fit to never learn about or actively ignore, and thus these are valid concerns for our future. History does not need to repeat itself, as what’s come before hasn’t always worked out so well.

History is written regardless of who wins.


Defeat is a strong word to use in terms of beating an enemy down. Those that live to tell their history and their side of the story might be belittled and called liars by the victors, but the mere fact that their voices still ring out is enough to question the history we’re given. Throughout the span of time that humanity has spread across the land the victors of any conflict have congratulated themselves and heaped praise upon their names in the good times, and have claimed absolute tragedy in the worst that can only be blamed on the ‘villains’ that have wronged them.

Granted, there are moments in recent history in which there is no middle line between who’s been wronged and who was the true evil, but that is a gate that swings back and forth. While we cling to notions of morality and honor and duty to our country, it is too often that we fail to look in the mirror and see how our present was founded by our past. Paying for the sins of the past is not possible in this day and age, but making sure that we don’t repeat them is vital.

Look at history as a story interspersed with facts.


The word literally has the word “story” in it, and is described as being a narrative of past events. A NARRATIVE, not an actual fact for fact account of what went on. History is highly prone to bias from one group or another and is not as reliable as people might want to believe. Even current history is not always as reliable as folks would want to think, as narratives tend to get messed with all the time. And who does this? Those that have the control, and those that tend to come out on top.

Instead of believing everything you read in the books, use your own judgment to tell what’s true and what’s glorified fabrication. A wise mind knows truth from grandeur.

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