Trying to talk to people about writing is a rather difficult subject at times unless those people you talk to have an interest that is similar to your own. Just like anything in this world, if you share an interest with someone it becomes a deeper bond, something you can connect with, and something that you can share. It’s not always the way for writers unfortunately, as a lot of us are closed off, introverted, and even those of us that open and extroverted still have that need to keep that part of themselves locked away from the world at large. Why is this? Because writing is that safe place, that crazy place, that location in the mind and in the heart and soul that allows us to be crazy, to be selfish, and to be absolutely out of control even while we control the environment completely. It’s our place of refuge against a world that doesn’t let us expound in the same way that the fictional worlds we create do. There it’s possible to be anyone, and to experience life through the eyes of a character in a way that we rarely get to in life.

Talking to people that don’t have a full grasp of writing is a bit frustrating, though many of them can often see that glimmer in your eyes when you speak, and they can only imagine what’s going on behind them.

Ever seen a writer ‘zone out’?


Quite honestly everyone does this from time to time, it’s not exclusive to writers. But for those that know how to create a story and live to do so these moments can mean that they’re not even on this level of existence any longer. They’ve transcended the reality we all know and cling to and have gone somewhere far away where their thoughts can make a new reality in an image that is all their own. Writers don’t zone out any more than anyone else to be fair, but often when we do it’s to envision something that the people around us have likely never seen before. You might want to know what a writer is thinking about when they go distant, but you might also wonder if you could handle the view.

There are no limits to a story other than your imagination.


A real story, which can be about anything really, has no limits and no set boundaries. As far as your imagination can go, that’s how far the story can go. There are those that can write, those that think they can write, and those that have no interest in writing. Among the middle group there are a lot that might have some raw talent that needs to be refined, but then there are those that believe they could write anything and simply regurgitate whatever they’ve seen without any hint of imagination.

Writing is more than just putting words on the page. It’s creating a world in which people can believe. Writers allow people to see the vision that is in their heads through the filter of their own imaginative experience, thereby creating vastly different worlds that are spread by each reader. There is no limit to imagination unless one slams the lid on it, and for many writers, that lid is continually open, allowing thoughts to fly free and enter of their own volition.

To be a writer is to be open to the world and the many ideas that come and go. That’s about the best explanation I can give at this moment.

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