How hard is it to tell the truth? No really, how hard is it? A lot of us feel that we’re fairly truthful throughout the course of our lives, but telling lies is what some people would call an addiction. Once you get a taste for it you tend to do it more and more, until finally you have to cover for a lie by telling another lie about THAT lie that was the first, initial lie that left you nowhere to turn. Still following me? A lie is a false trail that you have to continually follow up on until you’re caught. And by that point, your credibility is shot and people wouldn’t believe you were on fire if you stood in a puddle of gasoline and struck a match. Okay that might be a little extreme but you get the point. The idea of telling the truth isn’t always the most popular choice, but it’s highly preferable to having to cover over one lie after another. At least with the truth you can move forward confident that people know what you’re all about, even if they don’t like it.

Quite often though people prefer the truth to the lie, as that way they know what they’re dealing with, and who.

People have long memories.


If you tell the truth people might forget about because it becomes part of your history and as an unspoken rule it can be depended on to remain constant. The moment you start lying however your future becomes as uncertain as your past since the act of having to cover for your lie necessitates a lot more action on your part than it might if you’d just told the truth. The truth of your life might be a lot more boring and mundane than you’d like, but it’s easier to gain inspiration to do something about that by being honest than it is to have to cover over a lie. The latter method absolutely demands that you be able to back up your claims. At that point however people will find out and anything close to trust or faith in you will have been lost.

Your body doesn’t like to lie.


Some people have mastered the art of lying and while that’s not a good thing it’s very hard to spot. Those that haven’t quite got it down however will have certain tells that indicate when they’re lying. Even if the lie sounds absolutely truthful the eyes will often give a person away. Often a liar won’t look at you directly, and if they do then they don’t do so for long. The best liars can look someone right in the eye and fire away with their best falsehood, but generally this means that lying has become so easy for them that it’s like breathing.

There are many other tells that a liar gives when they engage in the lie, but the eyes are usually one of the best indicators. Those telling the truth might not even be able to look you in the eye, but at the very least they won’t shy away from whatever question you’re attempting to get them to answer.

You’re not protecting anyone, especially yourself, by lying.

Telling the truth and making someone

The truth hurts, and this is as accurate a statement today as it was when it was first coined. People won’t always want to hear the truth but it’s important that they do. There are moments when tiny white lies that don’t seem to hurt anyone might be necessary, but lying to protect someone’s feelings is just delaying the pain and can possibly make things worse further on down the line when the truth finally comes out. If you have something that needs to be said then say it and let it out. The truth is not always pretty, but it’s better to be released than to be kept bottled up. It’s certainly better than the lies we tend to hear so often in our lives.

Believe it or not, the truth does eventually set you free.

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