Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t going to be a rant about how we need to conserve resources, use what we have in a better manner, or protect the environment. All those are vital to our survival and important to this world, but at the same time they’re a matter that  will take care of themselves one way or another. Did that sound ominous, or uncaring? It should sound one way at least since humanity has been actively harming the world around them in various ways for many a year. Many of us have done what we can to preserve this precious world of ours, while others seem to see fit to pay lip service to the fact that the environment is important while doing their best to insure that they cause as much damage in the name of progress.

You can’t stop progress.

It’s been tried and it has failed many a time. While progress is not evil nor unneeded it is something that must still be monitored and kept in check when possible so as to preserve the world upon which it encroaches. With a continually rising population there will always be a need for more resources and more space, but doing what we can with what we have is a far more practical use of our time and can allow humanity take advantage of the opportunities we’ve wasted rather than those that are still waiting to be exploited.

Leaving a world that’s been torn down by progress is worse.

The world as it sits was what’s been left to us by our ancestors, and while it’s not perfect and not the same lush, verdant place it used to be in many regards it’s still not a barren wasteland. The same needs to be able to be said about the world we leave behind for our children, our grandchildren, and for generations after that. In order to leave a viable legacy something worth keeping must be left behind for those that will inherit it.

A world that no longer functions is not an inheritance that many would desire.

What will happen will happen.


Humanity has had so many chances already to do the right thing and preserve their world rather than tear it down, but there will undoubtedly be many more. What will make the difference is whether or not we take those chances to do something right, or put the matter into Mother Nature’s hands at some point and time. She’s already proven that she can take back whatever was given, so perhaps it’s time to stop tempting her to do the worst possible.

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