It’s hard to imagine our country without a president, no matter that the person in the oval office at this time is not the favorite of many and is lauded as a savior by others. But the long and short of it is that America needs a president. It’s ironic really that those revolutionaries that made their way from England’s rule and decided to fight for the right to be their own nation would put the kind of power they’d fought against in the hands of one person again, but the fact remains that it was intended to be different.

There hasn’t been a single nation throughout human history that’s existed without a hierarchy of command that has led to one individual that runs it all. Collective leadership is apparently not embedded in our genetic code, as such systems tend to lead to disorder and chaos. A system where one individual rules with a series of checks and balances exist to keep them from overstepping their bounds has been the favored method for some time. Trying to get rid of this practice has met with failure for civilizations in the past, and due to human nature would no doubt do the same now.

People crave order and desire structure.

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You can call the majority of civilization sheep if you want to, but people truly do desire a structured sense of order that comes with the hierarchy that is instilled by the presidency and all the bodies of government that are there to keep that individual in check. People want a strong leader, a person that is capable of making decisions that will affect the country, and that will lead the nation into a new and prosperous direction or at least maintain the status quo that has been a part of the nation for so long. The difficulty here is that the presidency has really become more of a popularity contest akin to those in high school than a truly effective manner of running the country. Men are elected and voted in because of the things they say and are expected to do.

The saddening thing about this is that very few presidents have ever won the position and gone on to be loved by the entire country. Some have done great things, some have left their mark in a way that will not be soon forgotten. Others however have allowed the country to fall into ruin during their terms, or something akin to it judging by the reactions of so many Americans. To date the presidency has become a running joke to many, and a thing that has less honor to it the economic sense. This was a position that was to be held by those with the utmost respect for the position and their country, and as of late it has become something that can barely be recognized any longer.

Despite whatever good they might do, several presidents have been less than adequate when it comes to their character in the last several elections.


DEM 2016 Clinton Marriage Drama, WASHINGTON, USA

I’d add more pictures but it might take too long. The point of this is that several our presidents have fallen far from the mark that is expected of someone that will lead this country, and our current POTUS is no different. One thing that is very clear is that their leadership skills stem from convincing people that they are worthy of this position, not the actual conviction that they might actually BE worthy. In terms of being leaders they know how to speak to the people, how to target the people that will listen, and how to gain support for their cause.

It’s a matter of who can make the most convincing speech when it should be a matter of who can do the most good for their country. This country needs a president at the helm no matter what, but our choices throughout the last two decades have not been the greatest. It’s easy to respect the office, but it takes some real effort to show any respect to the person residing in it sometimes.

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